Micro-chip agenda grows

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Think you have seen it all on the micro-chip (666)?

I suspect this will come into affect sometime near or right after obamacare comes into play. Are you and your family prepared to be chipped like an animal or will you resist being made a slave to government? Those who will resist need to start preparing now. We will be mocked, ridiculed, possibly lose everything we own and thrown into jail.

It will be interesting to see which Republican/conservative whores and bastards of freedom will come out in favor of this.

Sean Hannity already has.


Kenneth Copeland’s speaks LIES in God’s Name


Thanks to the Mad Jewess for sending me the following. My comments in green:

Your Finest Hour Is Yet to Come

by Kenneth Copeland

“No, no, no, no, this is not the time,” saith the Lord, “of the downfall of your nation. Your nation is under covenant with Me,” saith the Lord.

If America has ever been at covenant with the Lord, that covenant has been broken over and over. God owes us nothing.

“You are witnessing not the failure of the United States, you are witnessing the failure of a worldly financial system that has eroded over the years.”

Copeland lies. We ARE too witnessing the failure of the United States. The failure comes from the many sins this nation has committed. Let us start with human sacrifice in the name of women’s rights — ABORTION. Not to mention the many sexual sins of immorality. Fornication, adultery, beastility and homosexuality. The debachery that comes out of Hollywood and the music industry. Does one really think God winks at such things?! 

“My Word of prosperity, My Word of function, My Word that this nation began on and prospered beyond any nation in the history of this world. No, the United States is not falling. No! I will not allow that to happen,” says the Spirit of Grace.

Copeland lies again. Where are we promised in the Word of God that this nation will not fall? In fact we are told — warned — that this nation, along with the rest of the world, will fall. Copeland speaks from his own wicked greedy heart.

“How foolish do you think I am to allow the cradle of the gospel to fall from its limb? How foolish do you think I am? No, I remember your deeds, I remember the gospel that’s come from this nation. I remember,” saith the Lord, “that this is the most giving nation in history and I will not, I will not, I will not let you go.”

What a foolish man Copeland is! He lies to tickle the ears of his followers. Yes, God remembers the gospel that has come from this nation. It has corrupted every contry on earth! How can God forget the damnable heresies that has been birthed here and went out to the nations? God will judge! 

Hallelujah. Give the Lord praise, hallelujah.

“No, no, no, no, your finest hour is yet to come and it is on its way and it’s being born at this very time.” Oh, hallelujah. Hallelujah.

In one hour Babylon will fall. Need I say more?

“No, no, no, I did not bring this financial disaster on this nation. Now some have said this is judgment. It is judgment but I’m not bringing judgment on this nation.”

Copeland lies again. WHY are we any different than any other nation on the face of the earth? We aren’t. Does Copeland and his followers believe because of any good works we have done, somehow we are exempted from God’s judgment? To believe that is to overlook the abominations in this nation. And many of them within the church!

“The seed of sin and Babylonian-world thinking has in itself its own judgment and its own disaster. And when you continue to walk out of line with My Word and My plan and My way you will eventually fail.”

What Copeland really means: “give to my ministry or you are out of God’s will.

“It’s not this nation that’s failing, it is the system that it has eroded into by getting away from My Word and depending on Me. But fear not. I have My eye on it and it will go only so far and no further,” saith the Lord.

Copeland is setting up a false sense of peace and safety.

Hallelujah. “And you will see it, you will see it, you will be in it, you will be involved in the greatest spiritual awakening that this nation has ever seen. This is My time,” saith God. Give the Lord praise and thanksgiving.

“Spiritual awakening,” my foot! This nation is going down because of the many abominations it (we) have committed against a holy God. Most within the apostate church! They (the liars and deceivers in the church) know that if they spoke the truth to you, you would be keeping your money and planning for hard times. But they will not speak the truth to you because they are too busy building their little kingdoms on earth with your finances. Living in their fancy mansions, flying in their personal planes, driving their expensive cars, wearing their expensive jewelry and suits — while you scrimp and save — yet some of you give out of GREED, as if God was your very own personal genie in the sky. And if you just give to God’s annointed, then you too will prosper with all the goodies. Foolish ones! The only ones prospering are the wolves! They make merchandise of you! Come out from among these whoring teachers or you too will receive the plaque that is coming to them!



A lot of people want to believe that Obama is a Christian. Below is just an example of the christianity he and socialists liberals believe in. It is one of big government, power and complete control over it’s followers.  

Am I comparing Obama with Jim Jones? Yep. I compare anyone who calls themselves a christian whose desire is to control using deception and manipulation, to a cult leader.

For too many years, liberal media have refused to call Jim Jones what he was; a liberal communist devil.

For those of you who are waiting for government to give you your utopia, be warned.


People all over the world are horrified and puzzled by the Jonestown, Guyana atrocity. Questions are being asked: Who was the Rev. Jim Jones? What kind of religion did he teach? Why did he order the murder and suicide of over 900 of his followers? The answers provided by most of our media during the week following the news of the murder of Congressman Leo Ryan and four others in his group at the Kaituma airstrip have been confused, inaccurate and misleading. Our media have concealed, misrepresented, or downplayed the key element in the philosophy of Jim Jones. He was a long-time dedicated Marxist communist who admired totalitarian communist dictatorships such as the Soviet Union and Cuba so much that he built one of his own in Guyana. It was tiny, with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, but it had many striking resemblances to the dictatorships it was modeled after. The inhabitants were not free to leave Jonestown. Those who tried to escape were severely punished. Family members were kept in Jonestown as hostages to enable the dictator to exert control over those who were on the outside. The inhabitants were cut off from free communication with the outside world. The news they got was filtered through the dictator. They were subjected to the constant blare of exhortations and instructions by loudspeaker, one of the techniques of the Chinese communists. They were forced to attend lengthy meetings, listening to the political harrangues of Jones, after having worked ten to twelve hours in the fields. This is another technique of the Chinese communists. They were trained in what to say to visitors and were as adept as the Chinese, and Soviets in pulling on a good show and concealing the harsh reality. They were not permitted to own any substantial personal property, making them totally dependent on the dictator for their subsistence and survival. They were in mortal fear of the dictator’s armed guards and “hit squads,” which they believed would track them down and murder them if they should leave. They were punished if they complained about food or living conditions, and they were afraid to express dissatisfaction even privately. There was no religious observance in the community, apart from the obeisance to the all-powerful dictator, Jones. The workers were poorly fed, poorly housed and overworked, while the dictator lived in luxury. The settlement could not deliver the standard of living promised to the inhabitants, and it relied heavily on external contributions.

Lenin Reincarnated

The evidence that Jim Jones was a Marxist communist does not derive solely from the fact that he established a communist settlement in the Marxist state of Guyana. Jones made no bones about the fact that he was a Marxist. His wife, Marceline, in an interview given to the New York Times in 1977, said that when Jones was 18 years old, his idol was Mao Tse-tung. She said his goal was social change through Marxism. The Chicago Tribune on November 22, quoted a former follower of Jones, Mrs. Wanda Johnson, as saying: “He told us on many occasions he was the reincarnation of Lenin. He told us this time he would be successful in installing a socialist state in America.” She also said that on several occasions Jones spoke of killing then President Nixon or kidnapping the children of any public figure if he felt it would bring about a socialist form of government in the United States.

The Tribune was the only paper of several that we examined that made any mention of this important revelation by Mrs. Johnson. The Washington Post and The New York Times on the previous day did mention the reincarnation-of-Lenin claim, using a soft version, and giving it no prominence. Both of these papers ignored the charge that Jones was willing to kill the president and kidnap children of public figures to bring about socialism. However, The Times did say on November 21 that Mrs. Johnson had revealed that Jones’ inner circle had signed statements saying that they were willing to kill their enemies, including government officials and all former members.

Both of these papers described the suicide drills that Jones put his followers through. The Post’s account included this paragraph: “According to former cult member Tim Stoen, Jones frequently put his congregation through tests. ‘He would pass around a brown liquid,’ Stoen said in a West Coast television interview telecast yesterday (November 20) and tell everyone to drink it. After they drank it, he would tell them they would die in about an hour. Meanwhile, he would ask them to stand up one by one and tell the group why they were proud and honored to die for socialism’.” (Washington Post, 11/21/78, p. A 15) The Times gave a different version of Stoen’s statement, which was not as strong, but it was in the lead paragraph of a page-one story. It said: “He has mass suicide drills, where he tells all the people, hundreds of people, to drink a certain drink, and he says, ‘That’s fatal. You’re all going to die in 45 minutes. I want to see how you feel about dying for socialism’.” Jonestown was described as “an experiment in socialism where money, power, and elitism had been eliminated.” In her 1977 interview with The New York Times, Mrs. Marceline Jones described her husband’s aim as “a Marxist social group,” and she said that was what he was building in Guyana. Despite all the evidence that Jones was a Marxist and admirer of the Soviet Union and Castro’s Cuba, reporters not only avoided calling him a communist, but also went out of their way to qualify his socialism with adjectives such as “utopian,” “quasi-religious,” and “agrarian.” We could find not a single article in the mass media that probed into Jones’ Marxist beliefs and connections. All the remarks we have cited above were only passing references in articles devoted to other subjects. Articles were written about his religious background and activities, which, as we shall see, were phoney and were simply a means to his political ends. The tragedy spawned articles on unrelated cults, on the psychology of mass suicide, on Jones’ sex life, on political figures who were connected with Jones or had written letters commending him. But there were no articles on the ideology which was his main inspiration, communism.

The Unmentionables

It is not clear why editors should conceal the fact that Jones’ newspaper, The People’s Forum, was full of praise for communist regimes. Why should it have been a “no-no” to mention that in 1977, the Rev. Jones went to Cuba specifically to meet with Huey Newton, the leader of the far left Black Panthers? The People’s Forum of March 1977, reported that Jones was ecstatic about conditions in Cuba. He reported that the standard of living was “fantastic.” Jones told his followers that the Cuban people were enthusiastic about the way Castro was running things. The people had total freedom, he said. The Washington Post had these quotes. It never reported them. The media quoted Jones’ personal physician and strong supporter, Dr. Carlton Goodlett, without mentioning his long record of involvement in communist causes, including membership on the presidium of the World Peace Council, a Kremlin front. Some, but by no means all, papers did identify Jones’ two lawyers, Charles Garry and Mark Lane as left-wing radicals. The New York Times reported on November 21 that Garry once took the Fifth Amendment and refused to say if he was ever a member of the Communist Party. It said that Garry had described himself as a radical and that he had had among his clients the leaders of the Black Panthers. The Times noted that Lane was also a radical and that he is a leading proponent of the theory that there was a right-wing conspiracy behind President Kennedy’s assassination. Having been told nothing about Jones’ fondness for the Soviet Union and Cuba, many people were probably puzzled by a UPI dispatch that was published in some papers on November 25. It told of a discussion that preceded the suicides at Jonestown. According to one of the survivors, one woman spoke up saying that suicide was not the only option, that they could go to the Soviet Union or Cuba. She was shouted down. This was followed by an even greater surprise the following day. Three survivors said that Jones’ mistress had ordered them to deliver a suitcase containing $500,000 and a letter to the Soviet embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, after the suicides. They said they turned it over to Guyarian authorities. It was also revealed that Jones himself had talked of emigrating to the Soviet Union, telling his followers that it was the promised land. He had discussed with a Soviet diplomat the possibility of moving his followers en masse to the U.S.S.R.

Jones is Jettisoned

Before he was exposed before all the world as a thief, sadist, satyr, dictator and mass murderer, Jim Jones was one of the darlings of the left. Guyana released a list of 38 prominent Americans who had allegedly written endorsements for Jim Jones. This list included first lady Rosalynn Carter, Vice President Mondale, HEW Secretary Joseph Califano, Mervyn Dymally, lieutenant governor of California, five members of the U.S. Senate, eleven members of the House of Representatives, the mayor of San Francisco and one former mayor of that city, and the mayor of Gary, Indiana. Some on the list say they can’t remember writing the endorsements, and the letters have not been produced except for a handwritten “Dear Jim” note to Jones from Mrs. Carter. It is possible that some of the endorsements were forged by Jones himself. But there can be no denying that Jones vas very well connected politically, with his friends ranging from Communist Party leader Angela Davis to Rosalynn Carter, who met Jones during the 1976 presidential campaign. A benefit for Jonestown featuring black comedian Dick Gregory, California state assemblyman Willie Brown, Mark Lane and Charles Garry was to have been held in San Francisco on December 2. The theme was “A Struggle Against Oppression.” Needless to say, the dinner was cancelled. The politicians and the ideologues of the left quickly went to work to disassociate themselves from Jones. In the case of Stalin, there is no way to obscure the fact that the mass murderer was a communist. But most people bad never heard of Rev. Jim Jones, and, with the cooperation of the media, it was possible for attention to be diverted away from his dedication to communism.

The Phoney Preacher

This was made easier by the fact that Jones himself had for years been masquerading as a Christian and a man of God. He was an ordained minister of the Disciples of Christ denomination, which has around 1.3 million members. But he had been exposed as a religious faker by Rev. Lester Kinsolving in eight articles written for the San Francisco Examiner in 1972. (The Examiner ran only four of them, capitulating to pressure from Jones and his followers.) Kinsolving exposed the fact that Jones claimed to have literally resurrected more than 40 people, that his service featured the beating of children and forced public confessions of non-existent sins, fake faith healings, and the regular use of a Marxist song book. Mrs. Jim Jones told The New York Times in 1977 that her husband had decided when he was 21 years old that the way to achieve his Marxist goals was to mobilize people through religion. “Jim used religion to try to get some people out of the opiate of religion,” she said, adding that he had once slammed a Bible on the table and said, “I’ve got to destroy this paper idol!” (New York Times, 11/26/78, p. 20.) The Times informs us that Jones “was openly contemptuous of religion among his associates.” (New York Times, 11/21/78, p. A 16). But he used religion to entice new recruits and to deceive naive outsiders. After the victims were hooked, he used sex, blackmail, intimidation and psychological dependence to manipulate them. At Jonestown, where there were no outsiders to be deceived, there were no religious services or discussions of religion. (Washington Post, 11/25/78, p. A 3.) Jones had so corrupted people who were once good Christians that they would commit adulterous or homosexual acts with him or others on his command. They would even commit murder at his command, even the murder of their own children, as we now know. Religion was nothing but a cover for Jones’ communist ideology, but most reporters, like a pack of greyhounds, went chasing after the fake rabbit. CBS News takes the prize for this most asinine performance on November 22:

Walter Cronkite: At the end, cult leader Jim Jones was described as a drug-crazed, paranoid, power-hungry fascist, but what of this man whose ultimate command led his flock to mass suicide. Betsy Aaron reports. Betsy Aaron: It was called the People’s Temple, but it was really Rev. Jim Jones’ temple. Jim Jones was the reason people came, looking for love and for God. Jim Jones: Now as we reedirate. God is love. Love is a healing remedy. Let us believe, let us believe. Aaron: A kind of intense warmth emanated from this man. His message was traditional and positive. It was the gospel of Jesus. Jones: I love you. The people love you, and most importantly, Christ loves you. Aaron: He gave hope to the poor. He gave help to the infirm. There were doubters who questioned his cures, but to his congregation the power of God was present in Jim Jones.

The program went on to show one of Jones’ fake faith healings, the curing of a supposedly lame woman. No question was raised about the authenticity of the cure, although it is known that these cures were staged by Jones and his cohorts. This irresponsible reporting gave rise to reactions such as the one expressed in a letter in The Washington Post on November 26, which said: “In Guyana, organized religion once again has dropped its mask of benignity and revealed its ugliness.” It also led columnist Max Lerner to write in The New York Post of November 26: “But Jones’ followers were simple people, eager for a belief that would link them to a purer, more primitive Christian faith… They were a community of the faithful, a republic of the innocent.” A note from one of these “innocents” found on Jones’ body said: “I fear that without you the world may not make it to communism.” The ideology of Jonestown was communism, not Christianity, but the media have obscured rather than explained that fact.

Jones as a Fascist

While the media scrupulously avoided calling Jones a communist, which he was, there was a rush to label him a fascist, which he was not. Walter Cronkite mentioned that he had been described as “a power-hungry fascist.” Mort Sahl, an erstwhile nightclub comedian who presides over a radio talk show in Washington, D.C., came out with this beauty on November 24: “The exercise in Guyana was a fascist exercise, no matter what the label on the can. Socialists don’t do that.” We have not as yet been able to ascertain whether Mr. Sahl applies the fascist label to such states as the Soviet Union, Cuba, Red China, Vietnam and Cambodia, or whether he is simply unaware of the close resemblance of Jonestown to those societies. Charles Krause, the Washington Post reporter who accompanied the Ryan party to Jonestown, seems to share Sahl’s view that “socialists don’t do that.” In an article published on November 22, he tells of Jones’ son, Steven, being asked (presumably by Krause) “if Jonestown had not been an experiment in fascism–with its armed guard and other means of preventing people from leaving–rather than an experiment in socialism.” Steven Jones reflected the same point of view, replying, “My father was the fascist. Jonestown was and still could be beautiful.” On November 22, NBC News aired a half-hour special television report on Jonestown. It never once mentioned socialism, Marxism or communism, even though the title was, “Jonestown, November 1978: How Could It Happen?” At the very beginning, narrator Edwin Newman said: “James Warren Jones, better known as the Rev. Jim Jones, to some, he was a powerful spiritual leader, a good man. At various times he said he was the reincarnation of Christ and Lenin.” That was as close as NBC got to suggesting that Jones may have been a man of the left. Without identifying Carlton Goodlett as a supporter of many communist causes and a member of the presidium of the Soviet-sponsored World Peace Council, NBC put him on the program to tell of how Jones helped the poor and downtrodden. He said that he told the members of the black religious community that there was a message to be learned “from the type of Christianity this man is speaking.” Having neglected to tell its viewers that Jones’ group was a communist group in action, NBC put on a Dr. Frederick Hacker, who said, “I believe these sects and cults are really mini-fascist organizations in action. They use terroristic means of intimidation in order to force their members to adopt a certain philosophy, a certain way of life, and a certain thinking.” Some writers were a little more subtle in their efforts to work the transfer of the negative association to something other than communism. Max Lerner, in addition to falsely portraying Jones’ followers as simple Christians, evoked the Hitler image: “Jim Jones mastered the art of conditioning his followers to obedience. He did it with a devilish ingenuity, as Hitler did it with millions, as Manson did it with his own little cult.” Robert Geline of the Time-Life News Service, in an article in The Washington Star of November 26, said this: “Paul (a member of the Jonestown commune) remembers that Jones used to preach on the evils of Nazi Germany and show films of the concentration camps on the settlement’s sophisticated closed-circuit TV system. Incredibly, while this ‘teaching was going on, the communers would salute Jones at the beginning of each mass meeting with an upraised right arm ex- tended, fist clenched. They did everything but shout, ‘Sieg Heil’.” Mr. Geline surely knows that the upraised clenched fist is the communist salute, not the Nazi. This clumsy effort at transfer fails, at least with those readers who know what the clenched fist salute signifies. But as with the transfer of the negative reaction to religion or other religious groups, the transfer from communism to fascism met with some success. The Washington Post on November 26 ran two letters to the editor drawing parallels between Jones’ followers and the Nazis. No letters were published which even mentioned that the group was Socialist, Marxist or communist.

Why the Carnage?

On November 24, CBS News aired a half-hour special, “The Horror of Jonestown,” in which the question “why” was repeatedly asked with no satisfactory answer being supplied. It was similar to the NBC production in that it never brought up Jones’ Marxism. Nor did it challenge the sincerity of his religious professions. Like NBC, CBS News looked to psychologists to provide answers, rather than to experts in totalitarian societies. Not having asked the right questions, it is not surprising that the networks and the rest of the media have not come up with any satisfactory answers. An important question that no one has asked is whether or not the Jonestown commune was succeeding. All the propaganda out of Jonestown said that everything was going great, but the evidence of the survivors does not support that. The people worked 10 to 12 hours a day on a meager subsistence diet. Some have said that the dogs ate better than the people. Meat was served only when outside visitors came. Housing was deplorable, with 14 people, including married couples, crowded into a room 12 x 20 feet. They had zero privacy. Jones deliberately tried to destablize families, encouraging husbands and wives to live separately and promoting adulterous relationships. This was no Eden. Without coercion it would crumble. Jonestown was a failure and no one knew it better than Jones. He had too big an ego to accept defeat, and the mass suicide offered a way out. If everyone died, Jonestown would be forever shrouded in mystery, with people asking why it happened and never being quite satisfied with the answer. Its darkest secrets would remain hidden. Why did the followers go along? Some thought as Jones did. Those who differed obviously saw no hope of saving themselves by resisting. With the guards training their guns on them, they were no doubt right.

UFO’S over Manhattan

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“As long as it is not here to hurt us. That’s the bottom line.”

Hmmm, that would fit the media’s purpose in allowing us to believe this event is alien in nature.

“I hope it is real because if it is, we are not alone. That is the best.”

There are worse things than being “alone” — like being tricked into believing lies.

UFO’S — a delusion that comes?

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Some years ago — in the late 70’s or early 80’s — neighbors, my mother and I saw something in the sky. (This was the second time I saw a UFO) It was broad day light and I noticed something — a ball of white light — behind a tree over on the next street. It was further away than that actually, but that is where I began to see it. It then came out from behind the tree and began to hover around in the sky. It was darting through the sky as a ball of light. Then it began to break up into three smaller red lights. The following is exactly what I saw, except in my case, the lights broke up into red lights.

News has since come out about this just being the army parachuting. Which I think is horse dung. What I saw that day was exactly what you see below (except the lights turned red.) What I saw that day years ago was not parachuting and this is not either.

Are we being set up for a delusion? Why all the sightings of these things all of a sudden? If this is something we are being set up for in the future, we must not trust man or media to be exactly a hundred percent truthful with us. They will not be. We each must keep our eyes upon God, who knows all things and who will expose every lie and deception.

Strange times come.


More “christian” rap dung

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Oh yeah, this will teach your children all about purity and holiness! NOT!

Parents, let your children listen to this and you are helping to create little thugs. Except your little thugs will just be dressed up in sheep clothing while being underneath nothing but a little rebel desiring to be cool. Never mind what Jesus said when He calls us to follow him. Somehow, I just can not imagine Him or the disciples trying to gain converts by this foolishess.

Once again, do not try and defend this. I am not wasting my time going around the same old evil deceptive mountains with those who want to keep their idols. 


A video not for the squeamish Christian


Too many times, I have heard people say they do not like a shouting preacher. What about preachers who literally are crying out for your very soul? Are we to ignore such men? I think we dare not.

If we are not working out our salvation with fear and trembling, maybe it is because we have become compliant in our faith. Do we dare neglect so great a salvation? Friends, too many times I neglect. If God is a consuming fire then why are we not consumed? It is because of His great mercy and nothing more. But the day is coming where all flesh, all things not done in Him, for Him, through Him, by Him will burn. EVERYTHING! God have mercy on us all. Have mercy on me, oh God! Have mercy on me!

I was not led to the Lord with words of “you sweet wonderful thing you. God has such a plan for your life.” No! I was won by the fear of an Almighty God who loved me enough to show me I was on my way to hell.

His judgments are righteous. His judgments are true and if for some reason I find myself cast in outer darkness one day, it will be because He is a just and holy God. There is none like Him. 


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