Too many times, I have heard people say they do not like a shouting preacher. What about preachers who literally are crying out for your very soul? Are we to ignore such men? I think we dare not.

If we are not working out our salvation with fear and trembling, maybe it is because we have become compliant in our faith. Do we dare neglect so great a salvation? Friends, too many times I neglect. If God is a consuming fire then why are we not consumed? It is because of His great mercy and nothing more. But the day is coming where all flesh, all things not done in Him, for Him, through Him, by Him will burn. EVERYTHING! God have mercy on us all. Have mercy on me, oh God! Have mercy on me!

I was not led to the Lord with words of “you sweet wonderful thing you. God has such a plan for your life.” No! I was won by the fear of an Almighty God who loved me enough to show me I was on my way to hell.

His judgments are righteous. His judgments are true and if for some reason I find myself cast in outer darkness one day, it will be because He is a just and holy God. There is none like Him.