Some years ago — in the late 70’s or early 80’s — neighbors, my mother and I saw something in the sky. (This was the second time I saw a UFO) It was broad day light and I noticed something — a ball of white light — behind a tree over on the next street. It was further away than that actually, but that is where I began to see it. It then came out from behind the tree and began to hover around in the sky. It was darting through the sky as a ball of light. Then it began to break up into three smaller red lights. The following is exactly what I saw, except in my case, the lights broke up into red lights.

News has since come out about this just being the army parachuting. Which I think is horse dung. What I saw that day was exactly what you see below (except the lights turned red.) What I saw that day years ago was not parachuting and this is not either.

Are we being set up for a delusion? Why all the sightings of these things all of a sudden? If this is something we are being set up for in the future, we must not trust man or media to be exactly a hundred percent truthful with us. They will not be. We each must keep our eyes upon God, who knows all things and who will expose every lie and deception.

Strange times come.