Some years ago, I was friends with a couple of godly women. We would meet regularly having Bible studies. These women loved the Lord with all their hearts and they were wonderful teachers. However, they came to a point in their Christian walk where they stopped using the name of Jesus and began using Yeshua for a season. Which was fine with me, other than they made me feel less spiritual because I still used the name of Jesus. I always have and always will speak the name Jesus.

You may say Yeshua, I say Jesus. It’s not enough to make me split hairs with you and part from your fellowship. The fact that you love Him is enough for me.

carpentersdaughter2: There are many on youtube who are teaching that unless we call Jesus by His Hebrew name, we will not be saved. They teach that Jesus is a false God and he can’t save anyone. This is but another lie from the enemy, and there is not one scriptural basis for this teachings. BEWARE of many on this site who are teaching this. Their videos are smooth and their lies taste like honey but is deadly poison. They teach that the Bible is corrupted and that only their teachers can repair the Bible. This is taught so it can give credibility to their lies. They know their is no scriptural backing for their teachings.