The last few years of my father’s life, he was on all kinds of medicenes. He went from a strong able-bodied man to a frail weakened conditioned. Granted, he had heart disease and his arteries were hardening, but he would tell me, “Sis, these medicenes are killing me.” Not knowing what I do now about certain meds, I would tell him, “But Dad, the doctor said you need them.” It was only after a few years that I began to understand what he was talking about. The doctor put me on a blood pressure med. Not for my blood pressure, because it has always been good. But for my heart so it would not have to work so hard. A year and a half I was on that stuff. A year and a half, my life passed by as I felt horrible and began to see myself weaken day by day, week by week, month by month. It was awful. I would cry out to the Lord for help in the smallest of things; doing laundry, walking up the steps, washing dishes, etc. In spite of that time, I learned to trust in God in ways I had never had to before. Where else could I go?  Finally, I began to wean myself off the stuff and within two weeks I was back to my old self. Since then, I am on a different med that does not affect me the same way. I wouldn’t even take it, if it were not for steady flow of nitroglycerian in it. But the point is, a lot of doctors have no clue how to treat their patients. They over medicate the masses. And we trust them.

The following story broke my heart. Please pray for this woman. She is someone’s wife, someone’s mother. She is loved. She needs not help from mere man, but help from an awesome all powerful God. May HE be her Deliverer.

Mother of one, 49, urgently needs brain scan but is too big for an MRI machine
Bedbound for last three years after doctor changed medication

A woman believed to be the world’s fattest at 50 stone (700lbs) is facing a battle to shed weight after being told by doctors she could die.

Terri Smith is confined to her bedroom in her Ohio home unable to move, stand or roll over by herself.
Suffering from severe headaches which doctors fear could stem from a brain problem, Terri urgently needs a brain scan – but is too big to fit inside an MRI machine.

(Picture has been removed out of respect to Mrs. Terri Smith.)

Notice all the pill bottles. THIS is probably what is slowly killing her.

Huge problem: Terri Smith, pictured in her bed with medication, is facing a battle to lose weight so she can fit in an MRI machine
To undergo the scan and receive the life-saving treatment she may require, Terri is now embarking on a weight loss regime of exercise and healthy eating.

She relies on her husband Myron, 44, and oldest daughter Najah, 30, to do everything for her.

The 49-year-old must be washed, fed and dressed on the bed and wears nappies which her daughter and husband change.

‘My husband is my guardian angel,’ said Terri.
‘He’s stuck by me through everything. Most men would have left a long time ago and who could blame them but Myron is a living saint.’
Terri was always large – at age seven she weighed almost eight stone (112lbs).

‘My nickname at school was fatso,’ she said. ‘No one wanted me on their sports team and that didn’t help the fat.
‘We grew up on soul food and no one thought anything about it.

Devoted: Terri with loving husband Myron who changes her nappies

Devoted: Terri with loving husband Myron who changes her nappies
‘That’s just what people did where I’m from. We never watched what we ate at all and we didn’t know what was healthy and what wasn’t.’
By the age of 20 Terri weighed 18 stone (252lbs) but she remained active and held a job as a mental health care worker for 20 years.
‘I used to help people wash, feed and dress themselves,’ she said.

‘Back then I never thought that the tables would turn and someone would be doing all that stuff for me.’
After marrying her husband in 1986 Terri was big but happy.

‘I prayed for a man like Myron and he came to me,’ she said ‘He’s kind, gentle and he loves me for who ‘I am. Even now he tells me I’m pretty, that man is amazing.’

But she continued to eat the same diet and kept on growing, while her husband and daughter stayed slim.

Terri, who suffers severe headaches, needs an MRI scan to check for a potential brain tumour but is too big to fit in any scanners or into the doors of a hospital clinic.

She faces a race against time to lose weight in a bid to qualify for gastric surgery to save her life.

When Terri was 32 she developed severe arthritis in her knees and couldn’t walk for more than a few steps.

She was given an electric wheelchair and the lack of exercise made the weight pile on.

‘I used to walk everywhere and be on my feet at work but suddenly I was trapped,’ she said.
As the years passed her weight ballooned until she could hardly stand.

Then, after her doctor changed her diuretic medication, she gained a staggering 6.5 stone (91lb) in 30 days. She suddenly found herself bedbound and has been trapped for almost three years.

THIS should have told everyone there was something wrong. How can doctors be so stupid! Why do we — as sheeple — automatically trust them in everything?

Dr. Dariush Saghafi said: “I have been seeing Terri for six months.
‘Caring for someone of Terri’s size is very difficult. It is very hard to move and transport her. Hospitals do not have equipment to hold someone of her girth.

Grandmother: Terri with her grandchildren Jurnee Weeams, eight, (right) and Najeir, seven

Grandmother: Terri with her grandchildren Jurnee Weeams, eight, (right) and Najeir, seven
‘Terri needs an MRI but there are no machines in the region big enough to take her weight.
‘We thought that it might be possible for Terri to have an MRI at the Cleveland Zoo in the machine used for the elephants and rhinos but the zoo does not have a licence for humans.

‘We’re hoping the Cleveland clinic can find an MRI for Terri.’

And I am hoping God himself will intervene in such a way that this woman and her family will know HE is her helper, as it is obvious, man only made things worse.

(For the record, I am aware gluttony may be a factor here, but her condition worsened with meds.)