Let go of your idols. None of them, no not one, died on a cross and rose from the dead for you.


What did William Branham “really” teach and believe!

“Were identified with him in Acts 2. We’re identified with them, with the same baptism, same thing. All he was then, and all he is, all he was, and all he is, we are. That’s exactly.”

“Same thing by being a true Christian. You have to be identified with it. I preached with Moses and war-with Noah and warned the people of the oncoming judgment, to be a real Christian. I was with Moses at the burning bush; I saw the Pillar of Fire; I saw His glory. I was with Moses up there in the wilderness. To be a Christian, I have to be identified with everything God was, to be a Christian. I seen His glory; I heard His voice. Don’t try to explain it away from me now, ’cause I was there. I know what I’m talking about. I seen what happened. Yes, sir!”

I was at the Red Sea when I seen the Spirit of God move down and part the water from one side, … through about a ninety foot sea. I seen the Spirit of God. I walked with Moses through that dry ground, across that Red Sea. I stood by Mount Sinai and seen the thunder and lightning falling. I eat manna with them out there. I drank from that Rock; I’m still doing it tonight. I was identified with the manna-eaters. I was identified with them that drunk from the rock.”

I was with John the Baptist and before them critics. I seen the Spirit of God descending; I heard the voice of God say, “This is My beloved Son in Whom I’m pleased to dwell in.” Yes, sir! I sure was Identified with him. That’s exactly right.”

I was with the 120 in the Upper Room. I was identified up there with them. Oh, 1-1 feel religious. Amen! I was identified there. I’m one of them. I was identified; I got the same experience they had. I was there when it happened, to be a true Christian.” (THE MIGHTY GOD UNVEILED BEFORE US p.27).

This is how far gone he was in his own revelations. He thought he was there throughout history, is this rational, is this Biblical, is this believable? Nowhere does the Bible teach this! Col.2:18 “Let no one cheat you out of your reward, taking delight in FALSE humility, and the worship, intruding in those things which he has seen, vainly puffed up by his carnal mind.”

Branham said the Church is built on “The Rock of Revelation” (Seven Church Ages, p. 13). Jesus taught that he was the sure foundation, there is no other Mt. 7:24 Paul said “The Rock is Christ” who was in the wilderness (I Cor.10:4). Peter says the foundation , Rock is Christ (1 Pt.2:5-8) Revelation is never what we build on Paul says there is no other foundation but Christ.

That Branham was Elijah the Prophet



“It is all over. (speaking for Jesus) I am going to speak all right. Yes, I am ‘here in the midst of the Church. The Amen of God, faithful and true will reveal Himself and it will BE BY MY PROPHET.” Oh yes, that is so. Rev. 10:7 “And in the days of the voice of the seventh messenger, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.” …. He is sending a vindicated prophet. He is sending a prophet after almost two thousand years. He is sending someone who is so far from organization, education, and the world of religion that as John the Baptist and Elijah of old, He will hear only from God and he will have “thus saith the Lord” and speak for God. He will be God’s mouthpiece and HE, AS IT IS DECLARED IN MAL. 4:6, WILL TURN THE HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN BACK TO THE FATHERS.” ( W. Branham, THE MESSAGE TO THE LAODICEAN AGE p.28).

“When that Angel, that you see in that picture over there, come down on the river down there that day, thirty years ago come this coming June or thirty-three years ago, rather, this June, and said, “As John the Baptist was sent forth, (before 5,000 people or more) the hour has come when your Message will stray the world” (The Revelation of the Seven Seals p.51)

The Angel was His guide



“If you haven’t made preparation yet to meet the Lamb in the air, and by the power invested me by my commission given by Almighty God and ministered to me by an Angel, a Pillar of Light (The Revelation of the Seven Seals p.112-113 )

“ Now last evening as we always like in teaching on the Seals, we teach it the same way you do on the church ages. When we got finished with teaching the church age, the last time when I drawed them out here on the pulpit on the board–how many remembers what took place? He came right down. went right back on the wall and light and drawed it off Himself, right there on the wall before us all. The Angel of The Lord stood right here before several hundred people. And now He’s doing something real supernatural now, too. So we’re just expecting great things.” (The Revelation of the Seven Seals p.180)

“But in the last days, it will have to be a prophet to take up the mysteries of God, . . . ? . . . because the mysteries would only be known by prophets. So it has to be this fellow coming. Do you see what I mean now? He can’t be a reformer; it has got to be a prophet, because it has got to be somebody that is gifted ; and set there that catches the word. ”(The Revelation of the Seven Seals p.145). “ the original Bible faith is to be restored by the 7th angel oh, how I love this! All of the mysteries of the Seals that the reformers never understood fully.”( ibid p.147)

False prophecies
“I never preached anything in my life under inspiration I had to take back, ‘cause I don’t depend on my own understanding.” (Oneness, 2/11/62, V-10, N-2, sermon page 16-87)



“ See, immediately after the coming of THIS Elijah, the earth will be cleansed by hate and the wicked burned to ashes. Of course, this did NOT happen at the time of John (the Elijah for his day.)… .” (THE MESSAGE TO THE LAODICEAN AGE p.13).Did this happen immediately after he died? Branham believed himself to be THIS Elijah, the earth was not cleansed nor the wicked burned.

“That this age will, end around 1977. …, I base this prediction on seven major continuous visions that came to me one Sunday morning in June, 1933. The Lord Jesus spoke to me and said that the coming of the Lord was drawing nigh, but that before He came, seven major events would transpire. ( W. Branham, THE MESSAGE TO THE LAODICEAN AGE, p.29).

I still maintain this prediction after thirty years
because, Jesus DID NOT say no man could know the year, month, week or day in which His coming was to be completed. So I repeat, I sincerely believe and maintain as a private student of the Word, along with divine inspiration that 1977 ought to terminate the-World systems and usher in the millenium.” (Seven Church Ages Page 322)



The revival is over. America had her last chance in 1957. Now the tongues, are God’s sign of impending disaster, even as they were when they appeared upon the wall at Belshazzar’s feast….(W. Branham, THE MESSAGE TO THE LAODICEAN AGE p.29) According to revivalists today who endorse Branhams ministry we are currently experiencing a revival of unprecedented proportions. So ids Branham a false prophet according to them or are they false according to Branham.

He Opened the 7 Seals?



“And the Angels took me into that pyramid of themselves – the mysteries of God known only to them. And now, they were the messengers that come to interpret that pyramid or that Message of the secret of these Seven Seals which lays with inside the pyramid.”

“We find out that during that time I saw seven Angels in a form of a pyramid that swept down and picked me up. And I was brought east to open the Seven Seals for God.” (Commission By Seven Mighty Angels 1963 “Standing in the Gap” Jefferson, IN V-6N7 Sunday 63-0623m “80”).

It is Jesus who alone is worthy to open the 7 seals. He opens them according to the bible and this even has not happened yet no matter what Branham claims. A number of loyalists to Branham have tried to spin this saying the mystery was revealed to him, but he clearly said he opened because he was the angel ordained to do so.

At the same time he also said “Oh, I want to be numbered as one of them in that day, Lord. And I see the day approaching.” You see these Seals begin to . . . If God will open them to us. And remember, He alone can do it” (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p.66) So we have confusion unless one wants to admit Branham was God there is no way to reconcile these statements.

“And when the Seals are broken and the mystery is revealed, down comes the Angel, the Messenger, Christ, setting His foot upon the land and upon the sea with a rainbow over His head. Now remember this Seventh angel is on the earth at the time of this coming.” (The Revelation of the Seven Seals,p.74) This is proof that Branham was not the 7th angel as he thought.