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We are only going to look at a few things in this book for now.

1 John 4:1 tells us, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

If we are to take Choo Thomas’s word that this book is really written by Jesus, thru her, then we can then glue it to the back of our Holy Bible and make another book of our Holy Scriptures. Satan will appear as an angel of light and impersonate the real Christ Jesus to receive glory due to the real Christ Jesus

The Jesus Choo Thomas is referring to in this book is an imposter -Satan himself! Why did Jesus not have his Apostle John to write about heaven like this in the book of Revelation? Christians are now supposed to believe that God has raised Choo Thomas up as he did his own Apostle’s? I guess Jesus did not accomplish everything he needed to do with them! This is dangerous and leaves a Christian open to be swayed by any false prophesy and teaching just because they say it is from God!

Choo believes this encounter is from Jesus because the spirit that spoke to her said he was Jesus -I am not President Bush or anyone else because I say I am! Satan or any demon is not Christ Jesus just because they say they are. Satan would be glad to take the Glory of this even under the name of the real Jesus! How can Choo give such a detailed description of heaven and angels? Because Satan and his demons where there and they saw first hand, heaven and the angels.

Note: This still does not mean she actually went to visit heaven. A lot of things can bring delusions of all sort; Drugs, sleeplessness, self-induced trances, Kundalini, etc. Sometimes it is just an out right lie.

Choo is taken into a hypnotic trance-like state and this enables demonic influence to communicate to her mind through images of heaven and angels as they know them to really be -since they have been there before they were kicked out! Thats how! Satan is an angel of light because he knows how to imitate the real light!

One reason Satan is good at imitating the light, is because he is such a good mocker.

Satan is a master deceiver. I know it all sounds good and people today are itching for a sign and revelation from God. Because of this itching some will fall for the most incredible deceptions. Choo herself has fallen for this great deception. I know it sounds right because she points to Jesus. Does Satan care if people point to Jesus if it is actually him behind the mask. No! He doesn’t care. If anyone comes to Christ from her book -then they came to the wrong Christ. The Christ people should come to is the Christ of the Holy Bible -Not Choo Thomas’s revelation from a false spirit god! This is why we are warned to “try the spirits” -how do we “try the spirits”? We line up what the spirit is saying against God’s Word.

Does God’s Word give an indication that even on the day of Pentecost that people were jerking and miracle dancing in some sort of ritual? No it does not! God will not imitate Satanic rituals! But Satan will try to imitate God with adding his demonic rituals in with it. This gives it a good sugar coating to entice people to believe it is of God. We can no more listen to the revelation of Choo Thomas over Joseph Smith of the Mormons. The teaching of Joseph Smith sounds good on the surface – So does the revelation of Choo Thomas! Her talent, or Satan’s talent, for adding God’s Holy Word to her revelation is very enticing for many Christian believers awaiting a new revelation from God.

Choo says that since 1996 that every waking hour is spent with Jesus. She says that her husband has been so understanding or their marriage would not have made it -is this God’s intention according to His Word?

To take a married woman and separate her unto Himself! Show a scripture for that!

And while you would be looking for a scripture for that look up one that would allow her to overtake the platform of her church despite what the pastor would have to say about it!

Also, why did Jesus not tell her His real birthday date? Rather than telling her on Christmas eve that it was his birthday! Does not Jesus realize that Christmas eve is not his real birthday?

Why does Jesus not emphasize the resurrection day? The biggest day of the Bible!

Are aborted babies really stored naked, side by side, in a warehouse building awaiting their saved mothers to come to heaven and raise them?

This is about as hoky as it gets!

I know many will say, “who is he to come against a beautiful sister in Christ”. First I am not coming against a beautiful sister in Christ – only against the false doctrine of her book! Trying (testing) the spirits to see whether they are of God (1 John 4:1) shows a clear picture that her “hypnotic trance vision journey” is far from truth. This is not anything less than a Anti-Christ Satanic spirit passing himself off as Jesus to Choo Thomas and anyone else willing to be lead astray from the truth of God’s Word by this so called new revelation from an imposter Jesus. I may only be a voice crying out in the wilderness of cyber world – but so be it!

No friend, you are not the only voice. I thank God for you! May many see your words and be turned back to truth.

Amen and Amen!