This woman and her husband (who since have gone to be with the Lord) have blessed me with the truth more than any other over the years.

Come join me for church this morning by watching the videos. 🙂

I know some of you will hear exactly what you have been needing. I know I have.

My prayer to those who take the time to watch and listen: Father in heaven, You see Your many children who feel they have no place. They struggle with the desire to belong and be accepted. They are the ones who will not compromise the truth for the sake of acceptance either within the world or with those in teaching lies. My prayer for each and every one is that we come to know and realize we are accepted in the Beloved and that is more than enough. I pray that each finds their place hidden in You. Bring healing to all those who have been hurt. Break the chains of unforgiveness, the chains of bitterness, the chains of anger. Lord, bring the gift of repentance to all those who desire to call upon You with a pure heart. Release us from our any idols we may have set up through vain imaginations. Help us to be children of light in the darkness to come. Light bearers for truth. Jesus, may You set the captives free today! God bless each and every one with Your truth and Your truth alone. Help us to pick up our cross –whatever that is for each of us –and die to self so that You may live through us.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: