This week, a dear sister in the Lord told me some church people came to her home trying to get her to join their church. She — being aware of the apostacy —  asked questions on what they believed and thought about certain teachers within the church. Rick Warren being one. They had no problems with him. She gave them information and they still were not interested in her findings. She asked if they would at least look at some info if she were to email it to them. They agreed and left.  She sent the preacher the info. The preacher comes to her house  —  tells her he wants her to join his church anyway, totally disregarding everything she had sent him. (They are trying real hard to build a new wing in the church, don’t ya know?) She politely told him she was not interested in joining his church.

But isn’t that the way it goes with most, if not all churches today? They want you AND your money for every single cause, yet they don’t care to hear your concerns at all. If they do you give you 10 minutes of their time, they are quick to dismiss you unless you are willing to prop up their programs. Even then, you had better be willing to jump through their hoops. They do not have time to listen to nay-sayers who have nothing better to do than find fault with everything.


“Ya say you got the gift of healing? We’ll take you!”

“Got the gift of giving? Come on in!”

“The gift of serving? Yeah, we’ll use you!”

And use you they do. They will use you till your pocket runs empty. Just as long as you hang unto their every word and dance a little jig plum up to the altar during the collection. Why, God just LOVES a cheerful giver and they make sure they can get you as cheerful as they can as you dance to the drum beat of their music.

I’m not being cynical here, church. I’ve seen it with my very own eyes. It is witchcraft.

What is sad about this type of behavior coming out of leadership within the churches, is they do not know how they hurt the flock of God who have something else to give. And in doing so, they hurt themselves and the rest of the sheep in their congregation. They do the rest of their flock a great injustice by not allowing those who have done extensive study and searching out the truth to come in and share their findings. It just might help someone not stray from the truth and at the very most, point someone to the truth.

Who are the ones not welcomed in church today? They are the ones who don’t blow a trumpet of “I have the gift of healing.” “My gift is prophecy.” “I speak in tongues.” “I have the gift of helps.” “My gift? Why, it’s mercy.”

No, you won’t find many of them in churches today. They are the ones who have tried to share their pearls of truth only to be flipped off as being critical, negative, divisive, unteachable, etc. No, they are not welcomed.

They will be the first to notice when something does not set right: “Oh you say there is  a revival going on down south? Did you know it is occultic? They are practicing something called Kundilini. May I tell you what that is?… No? Ok.” Then they leave. And rightly so. For they have just been shown there is no need for them. Discernment not wanted.

Some try to stick around in hopes that someone will take them serious for just one minute. Perhaps one minute after church with the preacher. Or at that lady’s group. Or at the next Bible study. But it never happens. Why? Because the rest of the church is too busy chasing that latest sign and wonder. If not that, then they are busy with program after program.

It gets very lonely for the one little sheep and they are pressed to move on. Most of the time, they aren’t even missed! At least not until the funds start dropping in the church and then the preacher sends out recruiters to get the little sheep back. This is not a shepherd. It is a HIRELING.

I had wonderful beautiful fellowhip with that friend the other day on the phone. Never met her as of yet. I look forward to the day when we see each other face-to-face.  Too bad that preacher and his lady friends could not see her the way I see her as they sat across from her that day when they came to invite her to join their church. God just might want to use her to help the church in ways they have never known. I do not know who I feel more sad for. My friend; whom I know is a wonderful woman of God with great passion for the truth and discernment, or the church where no discernment is allowed.