A Dangerous Journey – My Wife’s Deliverance from Extreme Pentecostalism (Part 1)


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I have taken the liberty to address a couple of things. They will be in green.

My wife was, until last year, dangerously involved in Bethel and their music. Thanks be to the grace of God, she was able to move away from it and realise what happened to her.

She has decided to write her testimony of this time in the hope that others may realise how dangerous this can be and as a reminder to please not turn of your discernment switches.

Because it is rather long, we have split it into 4 parts. Part 1 is below and the others follow shortly after in separate posts. These have also been published on her blog which is found here.

Here is the testimony of my wife:

At the beginning of 2010 I decided I wanted to get involved in a more passionate “Christianity”. I have always thought of myself as a worshipper & I craved being around others who lived & breathed worshipping the Lord.

Our church had been *pushing* & wanting revival to break out. So naturally I went home one day and decided to research about what “revival” actually was and how we could get it! Through my discoveries I found out about The Welsh Revival, Charles Finney and others.

I wanted *revival* to break out in our church. The more I read about the “amazing” things that happened in Wales, the more I wanted that to happen to us.

A member of our church had been involved in the Brownsville Revival. She told me many stories about the revival that happened there & the anointing that she received from there. Whenever she went up for prayer her body would shake & eventually she would, fall to the floor.

I was curious and started looking into the information surrounding the Brownsville revival. Like the Toronto blessing, the Brownsville revival had similar manifestations of the holy spirit, and following that was the Lakeland revival.

At that time I was initially very cautious. It didn’t seem to line up with the God of the Bible I knew and I couldn’t find anything in the scriptures to back up what was happening in these places. BUT I so desperately wanted to feel God and being among passionate Christians, I thought that this was where those sorts of people were. Some of the manifestations, including the prophetic seemed exciting and it drew me in.

Despite my initial caution & a nagging feeling of unease, I started listening to the answers that these extreme prophetic people would give to the sceptics.

Here are some of the things they said/say:

– God was revealing new things to the church today.

– God was moving in a way that was different & more relevant to the world now.

– How could these things not be of God, when people were singing his praises all within the safety of a church?

– No one can judge or dismiss the manifestations of the holy spirit, if you did then this then you were quenching the Spirit.

– David danced in the streets and people then thought he was crazy, but he was a man after the Lord’s heart. This meant that even though manifestations were similar to David’s dancing (disorderly behaviour) they were of God.

– The church at Pentecost had exactly the same spirit manifestations (like drunken behaviour…because in the Bible the mockers thought they were acting drunk therefore the early church must have had drunken spirit manifestations.

I want to say here, that it was the devil through the mockers who were accusing the disciples of being drunk so the Word would not be taken seriously. No where in scripture are we taught that those presenting the gospel behaved in a drunk fashion. It was the mockers who invented the idea. This has to be seen in the correct light or many other doors will be opened up to other deceptions.   

– Bill Johnson is such a kind, quietly spoken & gentle man therefore he must be a man of God.

Let the reader remember that Jim Jones, Charles Manson and others have been seen in like manner. So this is proof of nothing.

– People from all over are coming in droves to these churches, so its has to be good.

Jesus warns us that the way is narrow and few be that find it.

– In the last days, God’s spirit will pour out on his people and this is that.

– No-one can judge the holy spirit. If something is done in the name of the holy spirit then it must be the holy spirit.

Satan is a great trickster and pretender. We are told that his ministers come as angels of light. That being so, it should not be hard for any of us to believe that his servants can and do appear good. 

– Those who think that these manifestations are not of God are Pharisees (& are not open to things happening in the spirit outside of the Bible).

– People who were outside of these movements were missing out on a special anointing from the Lord.

I became convinced by these sorts of answers. I was drawn to it, I wanted to be around enthusiastic worshippers of God and I did not want to act like a so called Pharisee. It also looked exciting.

So began my journey into the world of extreme Pentecostalism, the teachings of Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, & the music of Jesus Culture.

(Little did I know how dangerous this path was going to be)…

I am looking forward to the rest of this woman’s testimony!


Kevin Dedmon’s “healing” song is dung to the ears


Dedmon has a healing song.

Dedmon on not having a good singing voice: “This goes to show that anything we do that is ( ) by faith, whether or not we have the talent or not, can be totally effective in releasing the kingdom of God.”

WRONG. This shows and proves nothing. The simple fact that one can sing a little ditty and CLAIM it has any kind of power or unction, is not only absurd — it is out right flakey. We are suppose to believe it just because kevin dedmon says so? How naive are some people, when they take the word of a man who is building his religion around his own teachings? What it proves is how silly people can be in thinking all they can do is sing and claim something when God has told us to pray.  To ask, seek and knock. Where is our need of God, if we are not praying? Where is our need of God if all we have to do is sing a little ditty?

If you happen to be one of those people who get a song stuck in your head — do not listen to this dribble.

Dedmon is not even original. The tune itself is from and old rock song. I can not place it, but maybe someone else can? Seems like it is a British group from the late 60’s to the early 70s. So that in itself makes me wonder if God wanted to give someone a nice little tune, why use something from an old rock song? Surely God is more creative than that?

Sid Roth: “It’s just like the laughter…it releases the healing presence of God.”

Really? Then how about taking that little tune into a hospital where cancer patients are suffering? Or take it to an Aids patient.

Even if it did work, it does not mean it is from God. This is the same as Christian Science. It is not dealing with reality. It denies the suffering of the individual.

I once cleaned house for a very sweet elderly woman. She was up in her 80’s, all bent over and walked with a walker. She was feeble and began to get sick. One day she told someone in her church she was not feeling well. They told her not to say such a thing, but to confess she was healed. (Easy for someone else to tell a sick person what to say when they are not the ones suffering, isn’t it?)

That poor little old woman. She was just a few weeks or months from dying and she was being told to deny what was going on with her!  The very same thing today’s church teaches those who are suffering and sick! Her church was Christian Science!

Kevin Dedmon is a liar. It is that simple. Wouldn’t one think IF there was any truth in what he had to say, then take your gift where it is needed the most.  Perhaps to a children’s hosptial where little kids are crippled up.

Sid Roth to Dedmon: “And you’re saying you are not special?”

They both leave the door wide open in having us believe Dedmon must be special or else his little song would not be able to do all he confesses it to be.

There is nothing special about Dedmon or his little song. He is no different than any other upcoming apostate in todays’ church!

At the end “I release what is in heaven into your life.”

He has just made himself your high priest! Jesus is THE High Priest and as Christians, each of us are priests through the blood of Jesus. We have no need for mere man to think they can lord it over us and have some greater unction than what is already in each of us.

He, along with the others are practicing mind over matter; Christian Science just like Kenneth Hagin and all the others with their New Age sugar-coated feel good gospel.

GROW UP YOU MIDDLE AGE people who are STILL looking for signs and wonders. Kevin Dedmon has no sign and wonder to even follow. But if you insist on following the likes of such men, please let me sell you a piece of the moon!