Raining a bunch of bull


Raining in her living room for three hours and with today’s technology she did not get a camera and tape it? Sorry, I think she is a liar. Just like the others: Patricia King (minty green angel) , Tod Bentley (his angelic encounters), Josh Mills (gold dust), etc. Really, the list goes on and on.

Even if she was able to give some kind of proof through video, we STILL would have to test things. We are told Satan will come with LYING signs and wonders.


She tells us it was during the holiday of Yom Kippor that the miracle took place. By telling us this, she would have us to believe because the miracle occured on this day, then it makes it even more credible.

Not so.

Suppossedly, this happened when she was on a quest to get her “soul healed.” Where are we told to go on a quest to get our souls healed? This goes back to self. Jesus said, “It is finished.” Most — if not all — healing of our souls, comes when we repent. That involves the Cross. Perhaps if our souls need to be healed from something, we need to learn to forgive, let go of bitterness, etc. We can not do this apart from the Cross.

Sousa would have you to believe that you need to be in your living room waiting for it to rain before God touches your soul.

As she was repenting for her drug abuse it began to rain in her house. If we accepted God and came to the Cross, did we not repent then? Seems to me, the main thing Sousa needs to repent for, is this deceitful lying.

The following is a comment someone left on youtube after watching her video:

“Katie – you are blessing from God! Is worms my hearth to hear you, but in the same time you make me jealous to be more close to God like you do.”

I left the spelling as it were. The person who wrote the comment has made the awful mistake of making Sousa her plumbline. These kinds of deceitful and manipulating liars such as Sousa point people to experiences. It causes those who may be sincere in trying to find God, believe somehow they are not as spiritual if they are not experiencing such malarky as rain in their living room. It causes people to chase after signs and wonders instead of pursuing the truth.

I can understand baby Christians believing this bull. But middle-aged seasoned Christians? And there are plenty of them out there doing just that.

Black Gospel Singers Need to Repent


I love this woman’s passion for truth. She speaks it well. Listen to her.

Sister, if you see this, I am glad you are back with your videos. I’ve missed them. God bless you always!


Phony Preacher Ernest Cadick faces trial for fraud


This man stole from the flock of God. He had been endorsed by one of the most leading and prominent preachers/pastors in Louisville — Bob Rodgers of Evangel World Prayer Center. I’m not saying that Rodgers knew of the deceit. More than likely, he did not. As he was just one of many pastors a few years back — having no discernment —  who endorsed the likes of Tod Bently.

More on this fleecing can be found here: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20110612/NEWS01/306120091


Now to those who would love to quote the scripture “love covers a multitude of sin,” I will say to you: You are a wolf if you think we are to keep these things covered up. Where was Bob Rogers and other preachers like him, when this man was allowed to come in a steal from the very ones God entrusted them with? Why did they not — from the pulpit — stand up and warn the sheep of this crook?

A lot of people had their life savings stolen from them. Yet, I will say the root to this is greed. The Word/Faith doctrine appeals to greed. Give to me and God will bless you.

Cadick used fear to manipulate people into handing over their money. Their greed, their desires to have their ears tickled led them straight to a lying thief.

Rogers said he is not “taking up for him one bit.” But he said, “In Ernie’s eyes I don’t think he felt like he was taking advantage of anyone.”

Sorry pastor Rogers, that just does not ring true to me. One has to ask what you gain by not coming out strongly against what this man did. Sounds like Rogers has more in common with wolves than he does with sheep.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (UPI) — A Kentucky evangelist went on trial in federal court in Louisville Monday on charges he bilked parishioners out of more than $700,000 in oil and gas scams.

Ernest Cadick allegedly pulled scams in Kentucky and Indiana, selling bogus oil and gas investments to some churchgoers and telling others he would invest their money in Switzerland, where, he allegedly said, it would double every month, The (Louisville) Courier-Journal reported Monday.

Cadick faced 16 counts of fraud for allegedly soliciting money for oil and gas projects and foreign currency investments. Prosecutors said he spent the money on himself instead.

The 60-year-old Cadick also will be tried July 11 on three counts of theft for allegedly bilking elderly victims out of $29,500 in a Swiss investment scam, prosecutors said.

Cadick, an ordained minister, allegedly used prophesies in the Bible’s Book of Revelation to fleece churchgoers at Louisville’s Evangel World Prayer Center.

He allegedly told potential investors how they could double their investments every month if they let him invest their funds in Switzerland.

In a pretrial memorandum, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Calhoun said Cadick would pray with potential victims about their investments.

Cadick and his attorney declined to comment on the cases.

Angel Feather Miracle

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I told myself I was not going to do this anymore: keep putting up this garbage. But as long as I know there are still people coming in here, peeking around to see what I say about certain things, I will. You see, there are thousands of us who do not believe everything that is being done in the name of Jesus, is the real deal. We are mocked, we are judged, we are called names. Yet we are the ones testing things as commanded to do. 

I am constantly amazed at the middle-aged seasoned Christians who continue to believe this horse dung.

Let me tell you how these miracles are done. Think about air vents in buildings, people. For once, let us use the brains God gave us. If I speak harshly it is because I am sick and tired of those who are too lazy to search the scriptures, so gullible to believe every little thing these star studded teachers have to say. Yet, they have the audacity to say those of who are testing things are blashpheming.

Jim Jones had his miracles. He used chicken guts to convince hundreds of people he had some great power. And just like today we have CHRISTIANS drinking the same ol’ kool-aid. One of believing every thing that comes to them. Why is this? It is because they have no love for the truth. They LOVE having their ears tickled.   

Sid Roth asks why there are so many different colored angel feathers. I will answer that: Because any good craft store is going to have all kinds of different feathers you can purchase.

“Tell the people to stand up and worship me. I’m not done.”

At this point if anyone dared not to rise, they would be ostracised as not being spiritual. This is one reason Jesus told us not to even go where it was being proclaimed Christ (the annointing) is here or there. There is a mob mentality, a sheeple driven mentality that makes individuals forget they have a brain. Beware when this happens. You are being set up to follow a lie.   

I’m afraid when they stood up, they were worshipping a different jesus.

A woman gets her very own birth stone delievered to her. How interesting. When did God care about birth stones? See, how none of this points to the cross, but back to self.

Notice the nice little professional box the guest carries all the miracles in. Wonder if he took the time to go get them analyzed. I doubt it. Wonder how many of his followers asked him to. WHERE IS THE PROOF of anything in this other than a false sign and wonder?

Please do not leave me a comment in favor of this malarky. I will not spend my time going round and round with some of you.

I have told you the truth and you have been warned. Keep on believing this stuff and greater delusions will come to you. I didn’t say it. God says it in his Word. 

Contrary to popular opinion within the church, Christianity is NOT pretending we have all things in common for the sake of some kind of fake peace with one another. Jesus said He did not come to bring peace, but division. The division comes when truth is spoken and people still want their ears tickled.  

yastunt:David Jones says angel feathers started falling during a church service

A word to those in the church who judge those of us for “judging.”


The following was able to say what I was not able to express. Thank you Pat, for letting me use it. 

By Pat Rogers

I’m not about to engage you in the checklist of theologies. What I will say and ask you to consider is this. Many of us, not all but many have come out of Bill Johnson’s “te…achings/doctrines” or some similar false teachings. I live across the country from his “church” but the leadership I was involved with were plugged into his teachings and still are. God brought us out three years ago and showed us the deception we were in. We know what you see, hear, feel, experience, we’ve been there seen, heard, felt and experience the same things.

Please don’t tag us as bitter and unloving, we wouldn’t be on these sites if we didn’t care for those who are still in this system of deceit. At the least you’re here and at the most, please, take the time to really listen to what is being said and what does and does not line up with scripture. Once we set aside scripture we are truly on a path that leads to destruction and somewhere within all of us we know this is true and this is one of the first and biggest things that they do, they down play the Word for the wonder/miracle…experience.

I know it can be frustrating and exasperating to engage some of us, as we sometimes feel the same way about those of you who are still in it, please hang in there with us. We can by God’s grace and mercy work through this.

I guess my point is this, many of us know….REALLY KNOW everything that you are speaking of and more, some more than others as some have been heavily involved in the healing ministries/rooms, signs, wonders etc. Shouldn’t that be worth a serious listen and consideration? Knowing that they/we understand the belief system you are in forwards and backwards.

If you think that we are or have fallen away from the truth you should be just as concerned for us as we are for you and be willing to sit down and open the Word, knowing this one thing; That if we are wrong the Word will correct us and … if you are wrong the same and if we both are wrong … you get the picture. Let God be true and every man a liar. We/I am very much willing to do this as I am concern for many whom I know and love and have seen family and friend relationships destroyed. God be with us.

Amen Pat, amen


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If you have problems with being told by others, “Touch not my annointed,” when you question leadership, teachings, etc. — then please take the time to watch the video. She pretty much explains it. In short, you have nothing to fear from such people who cry out to you, “Touch not God’s anointed.” It is their very aim is to control you and put a yoke upon you. You can be set free from the fear of man.  


A Little Bit More Perspective

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Taken from my sister Mkayla’s place. I am constantly amazed at how she and others are able to say what I can not. Thank you, Mkayla. This is a word fitly spoken for such a time.


 1 Timothy 6:3-5

3 (If anyone teaches otherwise and) does not consent to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which accords with godliness,
4 he is proud, knowing nothing, but is obsessed with disputes and arguments over words, from which come envy, strife, reviling, evil suspicions,
5 useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of fain. From such withdraw yourself.

2 Timothy 3:12-13

12 Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.
13 But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Just thought I’d throw that out there to anyone struggling with what to do with those who do not listen to warnings of false doctrine. I know that many of us suffer personally, we are called names, de-friended and un-churched and snubbed. We are told we are without love, are vengeful, angry and are in need of inner healing (this was the first rock thrown at me – I was wounded and in need of healing when I questioned Todd Bentley’s ways to those in leadership over me). We are Pharisees, judgmental and probably not even saved. We stand in the way of God’s anointed, anointing and wrongly touch those who are. We misunderstand and speak against things we know nothing about, are in need of fresh revelation, a touch, a word, a supernatural experience. And if we are not careful may be in the greatest danger of all – blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. We who are women are reminded of our sister Eve and the sin of the apple-biting, thereby rendering all those after her, useless. So, brothers and sisters, to those of you who have been greeted by these italicized words, take heart and be encouraged that those who have gone before us, who suffered the same were first called Christians at Antioch. Acts 12:26

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