The following was able to say what I was not able to express. Thank you Pat, for letting me use it. 

By Pat Rogers

I’m not about to engage you in the checklist of theologies. What I will say and ask you to consider is this. Many of us, not all but many have come out of Bill Johnson’s “te…achings/doctrines” or some similar false teachings. I live across the country from his “church” but the leadership I was involved with were plugged into his teachings and still are. God brought us out three years ago and showed us the deception we were in. We know what you see, hear, feel, experience, we’ve been there seen, heard, felt and experience the same things.

Please don’t tag us as bitter and unloving, we wouldn’t be on these sites if we didn’t care for those who are still in this system of deceit. At the least you’re here and at the most, please, take the time to really listen to what is being said and what does and does not line up with scripture. Once we set aside scripture we are truly on a path that leads to destruction and somewhere within all of us we know this is true and this is one of the first and biggest things that they do, they down play the Word for the wonder/miracle…experience.

I know it can be frustrating and exasperating to engage some of us, as we sometimes feel the same way about those of you who are still in it, please hang in there with us. We can by God’s grace and mercy work through this.

I guess my point is this, many of us know….REALLY KNOW everything that you are speaking of and more, some more than others as some have been heavily involved in the healing ministries/rooms, signs, wonders etc. Shouldn’t that be worth a serious listen and consideration? Knowing that they/we understand the belief system you are in forwards and backwards.

If you think that we are or have fallen away from the truth you should be just as concerned for us as we are for you and be willing to sit down and open the Word, knowing this one thing; That if we are wrong the Word will correct us and … if you are wrong the same and if we both are wrong … you get the picture. Let God be true and every man a liar. We/I am very much willing to do this as I am concern for many whom I know and love and have seen family and friend relationships destroyed. God be with us.

Amen Pat, amen