I told myself I was not going to do this anymore: keep putting up this garbage. But as long as I know there are still people coming in here, peeking around to see what I say about certain things, I will. You see, there are thousands of us who do not believe everything that is being done in the name of Jesus, is the real deal. We are mocked, we are judged, we are called names. Yet we are the ones testing things as commanded to do. 

I am constantly amazed at the middle-aged seasoned Christians who continue to believe this horse dung.

Let me tell you how these miracles are done. Think about air vents in buildings, people. For once, let us use the brains God gave us. If I speak harshly it is because I am sick and tired of those who are too lazy to search the scriptures, so gullible to believe every little thing these star studded teachers have to say. Yet, they have the audacity to say those of who are testing things are blashpheming.

Jim Jones had his miracles. He used chicken guts to convince hundreds of people he had some great power. And just like today we have CHRISTIANS drinking the same ol’ kool-aid. One of believing every thing that comes to them. Why is this? It is because they have no love for the truth. They LOVE having their ears tickled.   

Sid Roth asks why there are so many different colored angel feathers. I will answer that: Because any good craft store is going to have all kinds of different feathers you can purchase.

“Tell the people to stand up and worship me. I’m not done.”

At this point if anyone dared not to rise, they would be ostracised as not being spiritual. This is one reason Jesus told us not to even go where it was being proclaimed Christ (the annointing) is here or there. There is a mob mentality, a sheeple driven mentality that makes individuals forget they have a brain. Beware when this happens. You are being set up to follow a lie.   

I’m afraid when they stood up, they were worshipping a different jesus.

A woman gets her very own birth stone delievered to her. How interesting. When did God care about birth stones? See, how none of this points to the cross, but back to self.

Notice the nice little professional box the guest carries all the miracles in. Wonder if he took the time to go get them analyzed. I doubt it. Wonder how many of his followers asked him to. WHERE IS THE PROOF of anything in this other than a false sign and wonder?

Please do not leave me a comment in favor of this malarky. I will not spend my time going round and round with some of you.

I have told you the truth and you have been warned. Keep on believing this stuff and greater delusions will come to you. I didn’t say it. God says it in his Word. 

Contrary to popular opinion within the church, Christianity is NOT pretending we have all things in common for the sake of some kind of fake peace with one another. Jesus said He did not come to bring peace, but division. The division comes when truth is spoken and people still want their ears tickled.  

yastunt:David Jones says angel feathers started falling during a church service