I receive many comments about Choo Thomas on this blog. I do not post every single one as it is exhausting to keep going around the same old mountain with those who have no desire for the truth. A lot have come out from her teachings and are thankful to God that He has shown them the truth. Yet, others still come here and try to defend her — in spite of the information and evidence I have gathered about her jesus.

I finally broke down and bought the book. I am in the process of reading it. I will be making notes and tell my findings on the book. Those of you who still want to believe her delusion, go right ahead. Greater delusions will come upon you. You can be sure of it.

A fellow blogger and I were accused of being “hound dogs” who “sniff out” bad stuff. I speak to the true Bride of Christ — not that whore is pretending to be the Bride: one does not need to be a hound dog to sniff out anything, IF they know what the Word of God says. If you know what the truth is, the lies automatically will smell like a stench to your nostrils.

Those of us who are testing things do not have to go around trying to sniff out anything.

Kind of like you are walking down the street and you pass a flower shop with pleasant fragrances. All of a sudden you smell the stench of a near by cow pasture. You notice the stench NOT because you were looking for it, but because you had been enoying the fragrance of something beautiful. False teachers are a stench to those of us who cling to the Word of god and the Word of God alone. We have no need for new revelations from man, occult experiences, supernatural events, phoney miracles, lying signs and wonders. The Bible is enough.

I will try and tell my findings on CT’s book bit by bit as I am able. I will tell you now, it is occultic in nature. Beware of it.