These people died because they listened to the lies of a deceiver.

It is reported they had no Bibles. All they had was Camping’s radio broadcasts. The false prophet said doomsday was to happen, and they went to wait for the return of the Lord. The communists killed them.

I am only human and can hold no man accountable. However, if I could, I would send Harold Camping to prison for his lies, deceit and fleecing of the sheep — along with the many others that have been exposed as false lying abomnible teachers/prophets/evangelists/apostles/pastors.

Beware of those who set dates. They lie.

Perhaps if these people had just one Bible, this would not have happened. Yet, there were plenty of Americans with Bibles who believed the lies of this imposter.

Harold Camping sent them to their death just as Jim Jones sent 900 people to their doom in the jungle. Just like any other cult who follows man and leads people in deception.

Matthew 24:36 on the Lord’s return:

But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. — Jesus —