I know, I know. Somebody out there is going to call me a Pharisee over this. But really now … if God is a holy God — full of might and power — then where does man come off believing it is ok to approach God like this? It was just a few years ago when we had Tod Bently — the infamous lizard man — leading what some called revival with his cries of “Bam, bam, bam, bam” and “shekabumbah.” Now we have this: a man whom I am sure the world will love for ending his prayer with “boogity, boogity, boogity.” Oh did I mention he thanked God for his “smoking hot wife?”

I think if one wanted to pray before a race, one would pray for the safety of the drivers other than thanking God for fast cars, tires, a hot wife. etc. I wonder if God was smiling. After all, we have been taught He has a great sense of humor. Yet, somehow, I do not see God caring one wit about fast cars, tires or car races.

I am convinced there is a true remnant of God somewhere, but this? This is not part of it.