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Talk about taking scripture out of complete context! THIS, Bride of Christ is a fine example of these apostates setting you up NOW to start giving your finances to them before all hell breaks loose in the economy.

Benny Hinn teaching wealth transfer. This is what witchcraft in the church looks like. It is appalling!

“When God blesses you, He blesses you big. And the Bible says you don’t have to work for it.”

What an out right lie! BH’s lie gives people the impression that money is just going to come to them without any action on their part.

For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.
— 2 Thessalonians 3:10 —

He is helping people to stumble in the faith if they end up not being able to feed their own family! 

But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. — 1 Timothy 5:8 —

I am amazed how these deceivers ALWAYS use examples from the old testament instead of going to the new testament. The New Testament teaches us that Jesus had no place to lay His head. Did HE have all the riches this world has to offer? Certainly not.

BH uses Abraham, Issacc, Jacob, Joseph, Israel, and Soloman as examples of the rich. All taken from the old testament. He says there were six of them and now, “You are number 7.” Most of us know by now these heretics are using numerology with their use of numbers to back up their teachings as some kind of ordinance from God. God is nowhere in this.

“You are number seven, on your way to heaven.”

I do not claim to know who is going to heaven. But this is scarey, church. Here is a man telling a group of people they all are going to heaven. False assurance?

“God is going to give you the wealth of the sinner.”

Greed! He has just helped the church to covet by desiring what is someone else’s — sinner or not!

There is a chance to buy Benny hinn’s book on teaching you how to receive the wealth of the wicked. KACHING. Right into Hinn’s bank account!

He’s got his creepy MANIPULATING/WITCHCRAFT voice at 7:30 “You people listen to me well. If you don’t obey god today, you’re going to lose tomorrow.” That finger of his pointed as if he is some great truth speaker.”People who disobeyed in the old and new testaments were cut off.”

A fear tactic. Remember that.

At this point he tells a cutesie little story that brings some laughter. Now whether he did this to break down some resistance or not, God knows. Personally, I think it is every bit of a type of mind control and they know exactly how to work a crowd.

He goes on by giving examples of how he gave thousands of dollars when he was broke. Of course this was many years ago and no proof of any such thing. Even if there were proof, it does not mean God is requiring you to give your money to these deceitful workers of iniquity.

He explains he was so broke and god told him to give up his last 10 cents. This is preparing the people even more to empty their wallets as he shares this pathetic sob story!

“I’m gonna ask you to do what I did that day…I don’t know why god told me to give athousand dollars…something in my being told me to give a thousand.”

He continues by telling the people if they do what he will ask them, it will be the best thing that happens to them and their family.

Never mind if they will have food on the table, never mind if they have a house payment or bills to pay. Just fork it over to the man in the fancy suit!

“And as you pray, god is going to talk to you. Then I want you come down here and sow a thousand dollars in the Lord’s work…God has already placed a thousand dollars in your hands. You have it some place. I know you have other plans for it, but god has just changed your plans.”

“I’m standing here because of my obediance of so long ago.”

No, he is standing there because people have propped him up for decades and made him a billionaire!

This whole charade leads to the teaching of offerings. No surprise there. BH is preparing the people to empty their wallets in hopes of getting some of that wealth and the only one walking away from this with money in their pocket is Benny hinn! WAKE UP CHURCH!

Do not come here and try to defend this man. Your comment will not be posted. If you want to believe this stuff, you are free to do so. You deserve to have every cent taken from you in the days to come.

As for the sheep who are coming out from among them, continue to test all things. You do not have to be afraid of the teachings of Benny Hinn. Do not let him put a yoke on you.