Jesus, Jesus — there’s something about that name


To those of you who know Him: Can you still remember the day you called out his Name? Can you remember that very first love? How excited you were to tell everyone you knew that you met Jesus?

Oh, friend, I remember! I remember meeting Him and having such a burning desire to tell everyone. Surely, everyone would want to know about this Jesus who took me from darkness to light in the blink of eye? I was wrong. Oh, how wrong I was. I lost some friends. They thought my coming to Jesus meant I would turn into an instant snitch or something and want to see them arrested for smoking pot and dropping acid. I could not make them understand that was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to share the best thing I had ever found: Unconditional love, forgiveness and the truth I had been searching for.

I did have one friend. She had become born-again two weeks before me and had been praying for me. I hadn’t known about it. I reluctantly (thinking she would reject me) called her to tell her I was born-again. She got so excited and said, “I got saved two weeks ago and I’ve been praying for you!”

My very first sister in the Lord! Oh the family of God is a remarkable and awesome thing.

At some point, we planned on going to our first Christian concert at the church we attended at the time. I came down with the flu and could not go. I was heart sick. I wanted so badly to go. So I laid in bed with a fever feeling sorry for myself.

She went and then dropped by after the concert. She had bought me an album of the group who had been there. The following song was on the album. It takes me back to a good time. A time where my heart remembers the time of my first love. Can you remember your first love? Are you still with your first love or have you let the cares of the world take you away? I know what it is like to have gone astray from your first love. More than likely you don’t mean to do it, may not even have known it was happening. But one day you think to yourself, where did He go? Friend, He didn’t go anywhere. We get side tracked so easily, don’t we? We let things of the world sweep us away. We become involved in so many things, staying busy, and sometimes trying to do the “right” thing, that we soon look around and may ask ourselves, “Ok, where is Jesus?”

I know He never leaves us or forsakes us, so He has to be around somewhere. I can tell you where He is this very minute. He is lifting you up to the Father in prayer. He is interceeding for you to come back. He is not waiting with some bull whip in his hands to punish you. No, he is waiting patiently for you to come back and have that first love relationship again. It is not meant to be a one-time event. No. It is meant to last forever!

Oh how Jesus loves us!


Have you let God set eternity in your heart yet?

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Have you ever read Ecclesiastes? I’ve read it many times over the years and always walked away with the same thing: Boy, this guy was a real cynic. I could be wrong, but it appears to me he complained a lot. He talked about working and toiling all of his life and for what? Only to find that what he ended up working for ended up in the hands of those who did not do anything to earn it.

He even knew about courrupt government in his day: If you see the oppression of the poor, and the violent perversion of justice and righteousness in a province, do not marvel at the matter; for high official watches over high official, and higher officials are over them.            — Ecclesiastes 5:8 —

He saw the hypocrisy of those who sit in high places: Moreover I saw under the sun: In the place of judgment, Wickedness was there; And in the place of righteousness, Iniquity was there. I said in my heart,“ God shall judge the righteous and the wicked, For there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.” — Ecclesiastes 3:16,17 —

Yes, this man of old had a lot to say. His words also warn us of pride, of being a fool, not to be rash with our mouths, to let our words be few, etc. All true, even in the midst of any cynicism.

The book of Ecclesiastes is a fine book. Sometimes when I start feeling like I want to tell the whole world to go suck an egg, I open up this book. It helps me put things in perspective in knowing there truly is nothing new under the sun. The same thing that went on back then, go on today.

I’ve been thinking about this particular passge the past few days:   

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end. — Ecclesiastes3:11 —

Did you see that? God puts eternity in our heart! What does that mean? Well, I used to think it was nothing more than a simple little gospel ditty I used to sing. “This world ain’t my home, I’m just passing through.”  Just something we Christians sat around and chatted about every now and then. Can’t wait to go to heaven. Can’t wait to leave this world. I’m heaven bound. Can’t wait to see Jesus. Yes, those of us who love Jesus have said those things at one time or the other. But some of us, (I’m thinking of myself here) have always said those words with such a heaviness.

BUT GOD>>>> He really can set eternity in our hearts in such a way that we no longer feel like we are just limping along with the cares of the world weighing us down! Please excuse me if I get a little over excited. This is a brand new thing for me. You see, I know there are a lot of you out there who already have eternity in your hearts. Some of you are the ones who live in places where you know if you just mention the name Jesus you will be thrown into a horrible prison, be tortured and/or killed. You have lost everything. You are looking forward to seeing your Savior. Eternity is in your heart and it awaits you. The God you look forward to seeing will sustain you in the days to come, my brother, my sister.

Then there are those who still have the cares of the world weighing them down. These are the ones I speak to. If you are anything like me, you have let every little thing weigh heavily on you. From family matters, relationships, world events, politics (that was a biggie for me), fear of future events. Some things I sought after in hopes of finding the truth led me to some bizarre things! All these things weighed me down and I was not even aware of how heavy until they were gone!

Let me assure you, this world is NOT our home. If we set our eyes upon Jesus and do not look to the right or to the left, HE IS faithful. Do not misunderstand: This is NOT something we do. I believe we have to reach a place where everything we have been filling our minds, our time, our lives with in hopes of some kind of fullfillment become dung to us. At some point, there has to be something in us that just gets sick and tired enough to say, “Enough! Lord, I don’t want no more. Ok, I have seen this and that. I’ve given such-n-such my best shot. I see where things are going but I can’t do a thing about it. HELP!” I believe that is when His grace steps in and makes it aware to us that He has set eternity in our hearts. By His Spirit and by His word He assures us that this world is not our home. 

So I say to you who have not yet known what it is to have eternity set in your heart…are you sick and tired yet? Have you done all you know to do and find yourself limping along with the cares of the world on your shoulders? Then call out to Him. Tell Him you have had enough. You do not have to continue carrying that awfil load. He wants you to see and know this world is not your home. You already feel in your heart this world is not your home. That you are just a stranger in a foreign land. Your home is eternity, precious one. Jesus wants you to know that. Even if you do not have the strength to call out to Him, just make a little wimper. He will hear you.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.
— 1 Corinthains 16:23,24 —


What will I have left when my friends and music are gone?


My father bought me an electric guitar and amp when I was 11 years old. Dad played the guitar also, but he did not have much patience in trying to teach me. He taught me a few chords and a basic strum and that was about it. I was on my own and spent hours in my room teaching myself to play. I would listen to songs on the radio and have such a desire to play what I would hear. One song that stands out is Crimson and Clover. But, I could never learn, as much as I tried. So, I began writing my own songs at age 11.

At 15 my uncle loaned me his acoustic guitar and I began to write even more. I would take my guitar and go behind the garage and sit alone and compose music. My style of writing was folkish/protest.

I wrote a song called “Echoes” on that guitar. Part of the chorus was, “What will I have left when my friends and music are gone?” Which was kind of ironic, because at the time I didn’t have any friends. Being very shy and pretty much a loner. My best friend was music.

I look back at that song now and think how odd I would write something that would actually come to pass 40 years later. For as time went by, I never once in a million years would have thought life would have taken me down the road I am on now. Many things have happened I never expected. Many dreams shattered. Many relationships lost either through deaths or misunderstandings. Or simply for the fact that people move on. I no longer play my guitar and I have no more songs in me. And friends? Friends are very few and far in-between.

I say these things not out of self-pity, but only because perhaps there are others that have had the same thing happen to them. You have gotten older and you realize the things that you once held dear — either have passed on, or were stolen or taken from you, or you lost them somewhere along the way. In short: you just don’t know what happened or how.

But there is One who does know what happened.

Some of us have spent much time beating ourselves up. You may be wondering what you could have done differently — if anything. You may be wondering why God answered that prayer request with a “No.”  You may even be beating yourself up over things you had no control of or not. If you are one of these people …  you can stop now. Truly you can. The God in heaven who created you, loves you. You may be surprised where life has taken you, but God is not.

You may see youself as one big mistake. Man may even look at you as a failure. Man may want you to jump through hoops for them and there may have been a time where you would have done it. But now? Perhaps now, you are just too tired to even try. It may feel awful, but it’s a good place to be. Really it is. Because you see, you have reached the place where God wants you to be. A place where you have finally come to know that the only thing left is Him.

I may have no more songs left in me. But there is One who is the keeper of the music. He is singing over me right now. He sings over you too. Lift up your head to the One who understands and loves you like no other. Be still. He is waiting for you to hear the song He is singing over you.

The LORD your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.” — Zephaniah 3:17 —


To Everything there is a Season


If you have been following this blog for any amount of time, you will know what I have been about: exposing false preachers,prophets,apostles,teachers, doctrines of demons, etc.

Well, my friends, the time has come for me to move on to a different direction.

I am very thankful for what I have learned the past three years. Thankful for other bloggers who have been like soul-mates to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to express what I have learned to many who have been like-minded in not being afraid of wanting to know the truth. I am very thankful for those whom I have met here and the friendships I have made. You — the unseen faces and unheard voices, that have come here and shared not only your love of truth with me, but also your love and fellowship. You have no idea what this has meant to me. And then there are those who I have actually had a chance to “meet” through occassional phone calls. You, most of all, have been more than just fellow bloggers, more than one who passes through and leaves an occassional comment. Many of you have prayed for me. Some have prayed for me and I have not known it, but God knows who you are. I ask His blessing upon you, for you have been faithful to Him. In return it has blessed me.

Some, I have had the most beautiful time of being able to actually hear your prayers over phone lines that seperated us for many miles. I know we are not to esteem anyone higher or greater than the next. May God forgive me for esteeming those who actually have taken time from your lives to get to know me and fellowship with me. God knows my love for you.

I must move on, now. I can no longer focus on the things I have been focusing on the past three years.

The apostacy is upon us. I know this. Even though I was doing what I knew to be right (exposing falseness), all the knowledge of the occult invasion in the church had entrenched it’s tentacles into my brain. I had become consumed with it. No more. I have been delivered.

I want to learn now how to walk in the days to come. I don’t want to be a clanging cymbal anymore. I hope it does not bother any of you if the blog goes to a different place. Instead I would hope it would be a long awaited thing that some of you may have been waiting for God to do.

Peace to all who enter this place.