To those of you who know Him: Can you still remember the day you called out his Name? Can you remember that very first love? How excited you were to tell everyone you knew that you met Jesus?

Oh, friend, I remember! I remember meeting Him and having such a burning desire to tell everyone. Surely, everyone would want to know about this Jesus who took me from darkness to light in the blink of eye? I was wrong. Oh, how wrong I was. I lost some friends. They thought my coming to Jesus meant I would turn into an instant snitch or something and want to see them arrested for smoking pot and dropping acid. I could not make them understand that was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to share the best thing I had ever found: Unconditional love, forgiveness and the truth I had been searching for.

I did have one friend. She had become born-again two weeks before me and had been praying for me. I hadn’t known about it. I reluctantly (thinking she would reject me) called her to tell her I was born-again. She got so excited and said, “I got saved two weeks ago and I’ve been praying for you!”

My very first sister in the Lord! Oh the family of God is a remarkable and awesome thing.

At some point, we planned on going to our first Christian concert at the church we attended at the time. I came down with the flu and could not go. I was heart sick. I wanted so badly to go. So I laid in bed with a fever feeling sorry for myself.

She went and then dropped by after the concert. She had bought me an album of the group who had been there. The following song was on the album. It takes me back to a good time. A time where my heart remembers the time of my first love. Can you remember your first love? Are you still with your first love or have you let the cares of the world take you away? I know what it is like to have gone astray from your first love. More than likely you don’t mean to do it, may not even have known it was happening. But one day you think to yourself, where did He go? Friend, He didn’t go anywhere. We get side tracked so easily, don’t we? We let things of the world sweep us away. We become involved in so many things, staying busy, and sometimes trying to do the “right” thing, that we soon look around and may ask ourselves, “Ok, where is Jesus?”

I know He never leaves us or forsakes us, so He has to be around somewhere. I can tell you where He is this very minute. He is lifting you up to the Father in prayer. He is interceeding for you to come back. He is not waiting with some bull whip in his hands to punish you. No, he is waiting patiently for you to come back and have that first love relationship again. It is not meant to be a one-time event. No. It is meant to last forever!

Oh how Jesus loves us!