Pat Robertson does not care how hungry your family gets


I put the following two videos out for one reason: A lot of people are facing hard economical times. Those who aren’t, will. The church has been taught the FALSE doctrine of “tithing,” therefore giving their money to many false teachers/preachers helping them to live off the fat of the sheep, living extravagant lifestyles. No where in God’s Word are we taught such a thing.


“If you really want His blessing, be faithful with your tithe. And then you’ve got God as your financial partner and you have every reason to ask him for His blessing.”

Really? Where does the Word teach that? Jesus said, “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” — Luke 11:9,10 — I see no mention of Jesus saying anything about tithing. He simply said, ask, seek and knock. But so many today have been bewitched into superstition by greedy men. If you are a child of God, you have every right to ask Him for a blessing on your life. His blessing you is not contiguent on if you tithe or not.

“I don’t think you’re managing your money properly…..what can I cut back …am I living too big a house, have I bought too much car… I think you just need some financial help…”

What Robertson thinks is not important. What is important are you able to feed your family? Are you able to pay your bills?  In the meantime it is ok for Robertson to have how many cars? How many houses, boats or planes?

Don’t get me wrong. I do not begrudge anyone who has wealth as long as they have earned it honestly and respectfully. But for a man like Robertson whose income comes from tithes, books and CD’s he may make on any number of subjects, then to expect YOU to continue to give to him or any other man while your family has to do without, is WRONG. Flat out wrong. Show me where preachers or ANY man should have that kind of priority in your life.

Then there is this little piece of lying manipulation.

But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. — 1 Timothy5:8

Pat Robertson causes men to become worse than an unbeliever. Men like him are stumbling blocks to those who are trying to do what is best for their family. 

If anyone lets the likes of Pat Robertson or any other man put a yoke upon you by telling you you must give to them — especially while your family does without — then you have just let allowed yourself to become worse than an unbeliever.

Don’t let yourself get droopy


Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. — John 4:13,14 —

Recently, parts of America had a heat wave. My state being one of the areas. The heat kept me indoors except for watering my tomatos I had planted a few weeks back. My husband and I had to leave the house for a bit and I noticed the plants were just a tiny bit droopy. We won’t be gone long, I’ll get to them when we get back, I thought

We were not gone long — maybe a little over an hour — but when I came back, the leaves of the plant were all curled up screaming “Give me water!”

“Stupid me,” I said to myself, “I should have watered them earlier.” But, I went on and watered them thinking they were going to die anyway. A couple hours went by and I stuck my head out the door to look at them and could not believe it. They had perked up. Their leaves were no longer curled. They were standing straight and strong.

Instantly, I was reminded, isn’t that the way we are when it comes to God’s Word? If we go days, weeks, without cracking open the Bible, we begin to get a little droopy. We tend to forget what our true calling is. We become slack in our ability to reach the lost … or even wanting to. We become so caught up in the things of the world, forgetting our home is not this earth, but a Kingdom which awaits us. (I speak to myself right now.)

Somebody, somewhere knows exactly what I am talking about. You (like I) have gone far too long without being in God’s Word. You have (same as I) let the cares of the world bring you down so low that you may even be wondering if God has forgotten you. No, my friend, God has not forgotten you. He is just waiting for you to come to Him and HE wants to give you drink. It is not a drink man can give you, or a drink your church or pastor can give you. But an intimate drink of water that only He can provide.

The drinks of this world which we may try to satisfy ourselves are polluted. They may satisfy for a while, but sooner or later, we come to the realization they are void of any real substance. We have not fed our spirit by such things, but our soul. Becoming more soulish than ever. I have been and am, so very guilty of this. I want to rise above the soulishness. It is a hard thing to do at times. At least for me.

I pretty much see things in black and white. Rarely, is there a grey area. Opinions and emotions take over. Causing me to forget quickly, you are a child of God. Stop behaving like you aren’t.  Such soulishness! God is very displeased with such a thing. But He does not cast us off. He does not say, you’ve gone without for so long, you are on your own. No. He is such a gracious God. Understanding that we are but dust. He knows. He knows exactly where, when and how we began to stray. His greatest desire is for us to run to Him with all our soul.

And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. — John 6:35 —

I am a diabetic. Not severe, as of yet. Anyone with diabetes knows you have to feed yourself ever so often or you become weak and perhaps a little disoriented at times. Even though you don’t quite feel hungry, you know you have to eat. There are times I do not eat because I do not have what would be called a healthy appetite. I eat because my body tells me to, and by then, it is a little bit too late. I’m shoving anything I can get my hand on into my mouth just so I can feel normal again. Whatever that is.

That too reminds me of how we feed ourselves sometimes. We know that we are hungering for something in this world. So we fill that void with everything we can get our hands on. And like a diabetic will do at times, we shove anything down as quickly as possible in order to satisfy.

Friend, that just will not do. You will end up mal-nourished, weak and disoriented in the things of God. You and I have the responsibilty (yes, it is our responsibility) to feed ourselves accordingly. But not to worry. God gave us a Book, the Holy Bible to feast upon. What a wonderful, beautiful AWESOME Book! We know it is unlike anything on this earth. So why (I ask myself the same question) would we just lay it aside?

Just like my tomatos plants that became revived after just a little watering, you too can be revived in such a way. I exhort you to get back in His Word. FORGET the things of the world for a while. Just try it for one day. Turn off the radio, turn off the T.V, turn off the T.V. preachers you have learned to trust in. Turn me off, for pete sakes. Hear God for yourselves. Let HIM speak to you.

Do not cast your seed to man. No, not one of them! You will get droopy. Sow to the Spirit and become alive again!

For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. — Galatians 6:8 —

Press On

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For those of us who sometimes forget where our strength comes from.


Beware of the Scab Pickers


When I was a young girl, I loved bike riding. I enjoyed the thrill of seeing how fast I could go, sometimes unaware of bumps in the road or some other object that would cause an instant crash. One crash I landed on the side walk. My knee was a bloody mess. Even though I did not require stitches, it took days if not a few weeks to heal. Mainly because I kept picking at the huge scab, not allowing it to heal on it’s own.

There are all kinds of wounds and afflictions we suffer from in life. Some can be taken care of by something so simple as an aspirin, while other things require time and surgery. Either way, it is God who brings healing in His way and in His time.

I’ve learned over the years that there are those who will continue to see you in your afflictions even though God has healed you. Why is this? I believe one reason is, as long as you are weak in their eyes, they get to look strong. Sometimes people just do not want to see you overcome.

Some people are just plain old scab pickers. They are the ones who the enemy of your soul will use to come along and open up old wounds after God has either healed or in the process of healing. I’ve pondered why they do this thing. I believe it is because they are not content with seeing you whole. They themselves have issues that keeps them in the dark and they love it so. You may even be trying to walk in the light with these people. God knows. Spending time and energy in edifying them, pointing them to the light/truth. You may even think they have been hanging on to every word you have spoken to them. Only to find out that what they have really done, is retained all they have learned about you in hopes of using it against you one day. While you are walking in the light with them, they are walking in the dark. Sound familiar?

I had this happen to me a few weeks ago. A friend (I use that term lightly) of over 40 years decided it was ok to take an old issue and try to open it up. IF I had given her the power, she would have been able to hurt me. However, I chose not to give her that power knowing God had already taken care of the very thing she was relishing in — a weakness I have had to overcome over the years. One where I did so with truth. And with trusted individuals God had/has put in my life. Obviously she was not one of them.

These people usually are manipulators, rarely walking in the light. I used to be very thin-skinned with such people. Not anymore. People can only hurt you IF you give them that power. When darkness comes against you, how can it have any power over you, if you are in the light? It can not.

How to deal with a scab-picker? Perhaps, the Word of God has a few things pertaining to this:

“Do not cast your pearls among the swine.”

This is when you are doing your best to be an edifyer to the person in question. You have lovingly and patiently done it over and over in hopes they get the message. The message is one of simple truth and light. However, there are those who still want to wallow around in the mud. When they refuse to listen or manipulate — we are to move on.

“Flee from all appearance from evil.”

Is it not evil when person in question is trying to manipulate? That is witchcraft, friend. Do not be entangled in it. Move on.

“If they do not hear you, then shake the dust off your feet and go on.”

Christians make a mistake when they continually over and over go around the same old mountain with some people. Unless you happen to like to play the martyr then by all means stay in that place of being used and abused. However, though God tells us to pick up our cross, to be a light, to help, etc., that does not mean we are to enable others. When we enable others, we are not pointing them to God, but to ourselves.

Scab pickers — like leeches — love to suck all the life out of you. If God has healed you in an area, and you know it to be true, do NOT give the scab pickers power in your life. After all, it was not the scab picker that died on the Cross for you.

“IT” is a Baby!


About two weeks ago I got to see an ultra sound for the first time. I am going to be Great Aunt to my niece’s TWO little twin boys! How exciting for us all. Not one, but two babies. I told her, “double the trouble and double the joy.”

Watching those little fellows — as tiny as they are — I wept with tears of joy. How precious! I saw a tiny little foot and when I asked how big it was, the lab said about 4 centimeters. If I am right, that is about a little over a quarter of an inch. But I could see it…. right on the face of his brother! I could see their profile and even said, “That one looks like his daddy.” At least to me, he did. I could not take my eyes off the life (lives) growing in my niece. They were alive! Alive and safe and sound in their mama’s womb. They were getting a little rowdy in there. The lab tech said they were fighting. I couldn’t tell who was winning. 🙂

Her due date is in October. But she may deliever before then. I can hardly wait to meet them.

A lot of people will tell you “it” is tissue, just a blob. They lie. I tell you, it is a baby. A tiny little soul being created in God’s image. Everything about those little babies are thoughtfully being formed and created by a God who loves them.

So the next time, anyone wants to tell you the lie, that “it” is not a baby. Tell them they are either ignorant or an out right liar. STAND FOR LIFE.

“I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days.”

Deuteronomy 30

Who is deciding what you believe? Oprah, Joel Osteen or GOD?


The world and the church are being indoctrianted for what will be the new religion one day. Lucierferism, Satanism, Secularism, Humanism. A “religion” with no absolutes. Other than the one absolute they teach which is all roads lead to God.

Who is your teacher? The likes of Oprah, Joel Osteen or God?

Do not be afraid to test this. Just make sure God’s Word is your plumbline. Anything else, will lead you astray.

Know this: who and what you believe does determine where you will spend eternity. So which is it? The ear-tickling star-studded sugar coating liars of today? OR GOD? Your choice. 

Think not that you have a problem with me, if you refuse to see the truth. Instead, you have a problem with God.

The Goddess of Freedom: from Libertas to Lady Liberty

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Many Christians no longer celebrate Christmas once finding out it is a Pagan holiday. Yesterday, America celebrated it’s independence. I wonder how many would stop celebrating July 4th if they knew they were actually in a sense worshipping freedom itself.

The following is taken off a Pagan site. One thing I can say for the Pagans: is at least they know who and what they worship, whereas many Christians do not. Christians today have so many gods it is unbelievable. Is this just another one? I believe so.

What does Jesus have to say about freedom? “He whom the son sets free, is free indeed.” “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

By Selena Fox

The honoring of the Goddess of Freedom began more than two thousand years ago among the ancient Romans. They called Her, Libertas, the Latin word for Freedom. Libertas signified freedom of action, freedom from restraint, independence, rights, and related forms of personal and social liberty.

The Roman religion had a large and complex pantheon with a great assortment of Goddesses, Gods, and other sacred forms. Ancient Romans revered and deified certain values, known as Virtues, and Libertas was one of the most important of these. A few of the more than two dozen other private and public Virtues were Hope (Spes), Justice (Justica), Piety (Pietas), and Courage (Virtus). According to their religion, Roman citizens were to uphold Virtues in their personal lives as well as in the culture as a whole.

Libertas as a deity usually took the form of a Goddess. A temple to Her on the Aventine Hill in Rome was dedicated around 238 BCE. Sometimes She merged with the chief Roman God Jupiter, in the form of Jupiter Libertas, whose feast was celebrated on April 13. Libertas also was closely associated with the Goddess Feronia, and some viewed them as aspects of the same Goddess, including the Roman scholar Varro, a contemporary of Cicero. Feronia is thought to have been originally an ancient agricultural and fire Goddess among the Etruscan and/or Sabine peoples. During the Roman Republic, Feronia’s feast day was November 13. She was honored in central Italy as the Goddess of freedwomen and freedmen, and She was associated with the granting of freedom to slaves. Part of the passage from slavery into freedom in Roman society involved having the head ritually shaved, being ceremonially tapped by a magistrate with a rod, called a vindicta, and then wearing a cap, known as a pilleus, to symbolize freed status.

Some of the Roman depictions of Libertas have survived to this day on coins and other artifacts. Libertas usually is pictured as a matron in flowing classical dress. She often is shown holding both the Liberty Pole (vindicta) and Liberty Cap (pilleus). In some depictions Libertas wears the Liberty Cap or a crown of Laurel leaves. Sometimes She carries a spear instead of the Liberty Pole. Sometimes the Goddess Liberty is shown with a Cat at Her feet.

Although the Roman empire is no more, the Goddess Liberty still survives. Over the centuries and across cultures, She has continued to signify Freedom in Her appearances in paintings, sculptures, songs, stories, poems, and other literature. In recent centuries, the form She has most often taken is that of Lady Liberty.

Libertas as Lady Liberty began emerging in America during the colonial era as part of the American quest for political independence from Britain. American patriot Paul Revere may have been the first to depict Lady Liberty in that context. In 1766, on the obelisk he created in celebration of the repeal of the Stamp Act, he used the image of Liberty with a Liberty Pole surmounted by a Liberty Cap. Another patriot leader, Thomas Paine, included Her in his poem, the “Liberty Tree,” referring to Her as “The Goddess of Liberty.” Freedom Goddess depictions not only emerged in America during its Revolution, but a few years later in France during its own Revolution, with the female symbol of the French Republic, the Marianne, depicted wearing the Liberty Cap, and often accompanied by Liberty’s Cat.

As the USA became a nation, Lady Liberty became part of the official symbology of some of its newly formed states. Holding Her Liberty Cap atop the Liberty Pole, Lady Liberty appears along with the Goddess of Justice on the New York State Flag. On the obverse of the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia, created in 1776, Liberty holds the Liberty Cap atop a pole in Her right hand and is flanked on Her left side by the Roman Goddess of Eternity (Aerternitas) and on Her right by the Goddess of Fruitfulness (Ceres). In addition, the Goddess Liberty, also with a Liberty Pole and Cap, appears with Ceres on the front of the Great Seal of New Jersey, adopted in 1777.

As more states were formed in the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries, some of them also chose to include Liberty imagery as part of their iconography. In addition, Lady Liberty images appeared on coins, paintings, stamps, and in sculptures throughout the land, including the colossal bronze Statue of Freedom, which was commissioned in 1855 and in 1863 set on the top of the dome of the US Capitol building in Washington, DC, where it can still be seen today. It is interesting to note that during America’s Civil War era both sides claimed Liberty and sought to use Her images to promote their own causes. Among abolitionists, Liberty was depicted freeing slaves, while states rights advocates used Her image to signify independence from the “tyranny” of centralized government. Today, Liberty images are used in connection with a wide range of political parties, candidates, and positions on various issues.

The most famous of the Freedom Goddess’ American depictions, the Statue of Liberty, was a gift from France to the United States in honor of America’s 100th birthday. Originally called “Liberty Enlightening the World,” the Statue of Liberty was designed by French Freemason and sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi with the assistance of engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. The head of Lady Liberty’s statue wears a crown with solar rays, similar to the crown on the Colossus of Rhodes, a magnificent monument to the Sun God Helios that once stood astride a Greek harbor and was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The seven rays on Liberty’s crown represent the seven continents and seven seas. The torch Liberty holds in Her right upstretched hand is the Flame of Freedom, and underneath Her feet are broken chains representing overcoming tyranny and enslavement. The tablet Liberty holds in Her left hand is inscribed with July 4, the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the USA as a nation. Her flowing gown is similar in design to depictions of Libertas in ancient Rome.

More than 100,000 people in France contributed money to the creation of the 151 foot (46 meters) high copper clad Statue of Liberty. In the USA, in a grass-roots effort spearheaded by newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer, thousands of Americans contributed money for the creation of the 65 foot high granite pedestal to serve as the Statue’s base. The Statue was completed in Paris in May of 1884 and shipped in pieces to the USA where it was reassembled. Work on pedestal construction began in August 1884 following the laying of the cornerstone by Masons of the Grand Lodge of New York in a traditional Masonic ritual. The Statue of Liberty was erected on top of Her pedestal in New York Harbor on Bedloe Island, which was renamed Liberty Island in Her honor seventy years later. Thousands of people attended the dedication ceremony held on October 28, 1886, including Suffragettes, who, while circling the island in a boat, loudly proclaimed through a megaphone their freedom demand that women have the right to vote. A plaque was added in 1903 to an interior wall of the pedestal containing “The New Colossus,” the poem written by Emma Lazarus in 1883 as a tribute to the Statue and to immigrants coming to America for freedom. In the twentieth century, in preparation for the one hundredth birthday of the Statue of Liberty, an extensive renovation project was undertaken from 1984-1986. On the weekend of July 4, 1986, a great centennial celebration was held and the newly restored Statue was re-opened to visitors. The Statue of Liberty continues to be one of the most beloved of America’s civic shrines. The United Nations designated it as a World Heritage site in 1984. The Statue of Liberty receives over 5 million visitors each year.

Lady Liberty images can be found not only throughout America, but elsewhere in the world. She sometimes makes appearances at political rallies, usually in Her Statue of Liberty form. Such was the case in May, 1989, when She gained worldwide attention as She emerged as the Goddess of Democracy in student demonstrations in Beijing, China. Pro-democracy demonstrators erected a 33 foot styrofoam and plaster Liberty Goddess with torch image in Tiananmen Square, and this became a powerful rallying symbol of their quest for Freedom. Although, a short time later, tanks moved in and crushed this statue as well as demonstrators and their demonstrations, their vision and work for Democracy continues within and outside of China.

Images of Lady Liberty now abound in American popular culture. In addition to the variety of Statue of Liberty replicas, postcards, t-shirts, and other souvenirs at tourist shops in New York City and elsewhere, Lady Liberty imagery can be found in movies and on television, on postage stamps and posters, in books and newspapers, in art museums and theaters, in poems and songs, in cartoons and advertisements, in public squares and private homes, in pageants and costume parties, plus in many other contexts. Lady Liberty’s biggest Feast day in the USA is Independence Day, July 4. She is honored on other occasions as well, such as having Her own float in the globally televised Rose Parade which took place on January 1, 2000 in Pasadena, California, USA. The float, “Liberty for All,” was sponsored by the Family of Freemasonry and included a 50 foot high replica of the Statue of Liberty. In addition, Lady Liberty can be seen year round at a variety of websites on the internet.

To many contemporary Wiccans and other Pagans, Lady Liberty is more than a symbol. She is a powerful and ancient Goddess who can guide, inspire, protect, and comfort. Pagans have invoked Lady Liberty in rituals for personal and/or social liberation. Some Pagans include Her image in their household shrines and altars. Because of Her ancient Pagan origins, Lady Liberty is an excellent Goddess to work with in support of Pagan religious freedom.

In 1988, I renamed Circle Sanctuary’s religious freedom network, the Lady Liberty League, in Her honor because of the help She had given us in defeating anti-Wiccan legislation (1985) and in winning Circle Sanctuary’s zoning battle for the right to use our land for spiritual activities (1988). Those affiliated with the Lady Liberty League invoke Her not only in workings on specific cases, but each year as part of our annual meeting, held in June during the Pagan Spirit Gathering.

I close with several Liberty Goddess meditations and rituals:

Personal Liberation: Call to mind a habit you wish to break or a restrictive situation you seek release from. Imagine it taking the form of a chain binding you. For a few moments, experience its restrictions and the problems it causes. Then, invoke the Goddess of Liberty to come to your aid. Imagine Her wearing a Liberty Cap and carrying a Liberty Pole. Imagine your chains falling away as She touches them with the Liberty Pole. Imagine Her placing Her Liberty Cap on your head. As you experience yourself wearing Her Cap, allow guidance to come to you about specific things you can do in your daily life to break the habit or change the situation and take on healthier behaviors. When this guidance comes to you, imagine the Goddess giving you Her Liberty Pole as well. Give thanks to Her. Write down the guidance you received and other impressions. Select an action that can help your situation and do it.

Lady Liberty Feast Day Celebration: Begin the day with a Lady Liberty meditation. Call to mind Her image and imagine Her standing before you. Invoke Her by at least one of Her names: Liberty, Libertas, Lady Liberty, Goddess of Liberty, and/or Goddess of Freedom. Then name and give thanks for each of the freedoms that you experience in your own life. If you are an American, do your meditation on July 4 and work with Her Statue of Liberty form. If you are from another country, select the date and image that you feel is most appropriate.

Religious Freedom Support: Do this ritual to send spiritual support to Pagans and others involved in religious freedom cases. Obtain an image of Lady Liberty, such as a sculpture, illustration, or photograph. Set it on a central altar and position the image so that it faces the direction where the person and/or group needing help is located. Place a piece of paper with the names of those needing help before the image. Around this, place and light white votive candles, one in each of the compass points, plus a fifth on top of the paper naming those needing help. Invoke the Liberty Goddess by repeatedly chanting Her ancient name, Libertas. Peak the energy and then be silent for a time. Imagine She is in your midst, holding Her Flame of Freedom high, and facing in the same direction as Her physical representation on the altar. Welcome Her and then ask Her to guide, protect, and support those in need. Then chant the names of those in need and as you do, imagine Lady Liberty being with them. As the chant peaks, imagine those in need glowing with Lady Liberty’s Light and receiving strength, healing, protection, guidance, and support from Her and from you and others taking part in the ritual. Then give thanks to Lady Liberty and ask Her to continue to work Her magic on the situation. Use the Lady Liberty physical representation again in additional rituals or, if you feel it is appropriate, give it to those in need as a reminder of the support they are receiving from Lady Liberty and those who took part in the ritual.

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