For those touchy feely types out there who may think I am attacking a little boy by not believing his story: Where is it written in The Bible that we have to believe everything that comes along? Are we not told to test all things? That would include whatever comes out of the mouths of anyone, and yes, that includes children as well. Do I believe he is lying? I can not say. Do I believe he may have had some kind or experience. Possibly. The point is this>>> His experience (true or not) does NOT line up with the Word of God. Please do not tell me how his book blessed you. Or gave you peace. If so, then you have put this book above the Word of God. John tells us in Revelation what heaven is like. Why do we need more than the Word? We do not.

As far as peace, the Word of God says, “He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon Him (God).” NOT if you find the right books to read.

As you watch the video, ask yourself do you really believe this little child at the time knew absoultely nothing about his dead sister. Think about this…we here things all day long. Even in passing. Things stay in our sub-conscious only to be awaken at a later date. No one can tell me he never heard his parents talking about his dead sister. It only makes seense that the parents would talk about their lost child. And yes, that means in the presence of a 3 or 4 year old. So, I think they lie when they say he knew nothing about her.

The same about his grandfather who he had never met. Do you think for one moment these parents NEVER showed their son a picture of his deceased grandfather?

Jesus had “sea-blue eyes.” Uh yeah, right. Does not quite fit the image of a man who was a Jew, now, does it? Why do all the jesus’s have blue eyes? Sorry, I don’t buy it.

“And a smile that lit up the heavens.” Trite at the very least.

The parents can say this is not about money, but it is. There is a lot to gain by having a best seller. Money, fame, etc.

I find it very odd that they use almost word for word the very same title that Choo Thomas did for her book, “Heaven is so real.” What would be the purpose of this? It would be very easily found in any search engine after CT already blazed the trail ahead of them.

The world is being primed for massive deception, people. These so-called heaven experiences are just one more thing to make people hunger — not for the things of God — but for experiences. Think about it.