When I was a young girl, I loved bike riding. I enjoyed the thrill of seeing how fast I could go, sometimes unaware of bumps in the road or some other object that would cause an instant crash. One crash I landed on the side walk. My knee was a bloody mess. Even though I did not require stitches, it took days if not a few weeks to heal. Mainly because I kept picking at the huge scab, not allowing it to heal on it’s own.

There are all kinds of wounds and afflictions we suffer from in life. Some can be taken care of by something so simple as an aspirin, while other things require time and surgery. Either way, it is God who brings healing in His way and in His time.

I’ve learned over the years that there are those who will continue to see you in your afflictions even though God has healed you. Why is this? I believe one reason is, as long as you are weak in their eyes, they get to look strong. Sometimes people just do not want to see you overcome.

Some people are just plain old scab pickers. They are the ones who the enemy of your soul will use to come along and open up old wounds after God has either healed or in the process of healing. I’ve pondered why they do this thing. I believe it is because they are not content with seeing you whole. They themselves have issues that keeps them in the dark and they love it so. You may even be trying to walk in the light with these people. God knows. Spending time and energy in edifying them, pointing them to the light/truth. You may even think they have been hanging on to every word you have spoken to them. Only to find out that what they have really done, is retained all they have learned about you in hopes of using it against you one day. While you are walking in the light with them, they are walking in the dark. Sound familiar?

I had this happen to me a few weeks ago. A friend (I use that term lightly) of over 40 years decided it was ok to take an old issue and try to open it up. IF I had given her the power, she would have been able to hurt me. However, I chose not to give her that power knowing God had already taken care of the very thing she was relishing in — a weakness I have had to overcome over the years. One where I did so with truth. And with trusted individuals God had/has put in my life. Obviously she was not one of them.

These people usually are manipulators, rarely walking in the light. I used to be very thin-skinned with such people. Not anymore. People can only hurt you IF you give them that power. When darkness comes against you, how can it have any power over you, if you are in the light? It can not.

How to deal with a scab-picker? Perhaps, the Word of God has a few things pertaining to this:

“Do not cast your pearls among the swine.”

This is when you are doing your best to be an edifyer to the person in question. You have lovingly and patiently done it over and over in hopes they get the message. The message is one of simple truth and light. However, there are those who still want to wallow around in the mud. When they refuse to listen or manipulate — we are to move on.

“Flee from all appearance from evil.”

Is it not evil when person in question is trying to manipulate? That is witchcraft, friend. Do not be entangled in it. Move on.

“If they do not hear you, then shake the dust off your feet and go on.”

Christians make a mistake when they continually over and over go around the same old mountain with some people. Unless you happen to like to play the martyr then by all means stay in that place of being used and abused. However, though God tells us to pick up our cross, to be a light, to help, etc., that does not mean we are to enable others. When we enable others, we are not pointing them to God, but to ourselves.

Scab pickers — like leeches — love to suck all the life out of you. If God has healed you in an area, and you know it to be true, do NOT give the scab pickers power in your life. After all, it was not the scab picker that died on the Cross for you.