Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. — John 4:13,14 —

Recently, parts of America had a heat wave. My state being one of the areas. The heat kept me indoors except for watering my tomatos I had planted a few weeks back. My husband and I had to leave the house for a bit and I noticed the plants were just a tiny bit droopy. We won’t be gone long, I’ll get to them when we get back, I thought

We were not gone long — maybe a little over an hour — but when I came back, the leaves of the plant were all curled up screaming “Give me water!”

“Stupid me,” I said to myself, “I should have watered them earlier.” But, I went on and watered them thinking they were going to die anyway. A couple hours went by and I stuck my head out the door to look at them and could not believe it. They had perked up. Their leaves were no longer curled. They were standing straight and strong.

Instantly, I was reminded, isn’t that the way we are when it comes to God’s Word? If we go days, weeks, without cracking open the Bible, we begin to get a little droopy. We tend to forget what our true calling is. We become slack in our ability to reach the lost … or even wanting to. We become so caught up in the things of the world, forgetting our home is not this earth, but a Kingdom which awaits us. (I speak to myself right now.)

Somebody, somewhere knows exactly what I am talking about. You (like I) have gone far too long without being in God’s Word. You have (same as I) let the cares of the world bring you down so low that you may even be wondering if God has forgotten you. No, my friend, God has not forgotten you. He is just waiting for you to come to Him and HE wants to give you drink. It is not a drink man can give you, or a drink your church or pastor can give you. But an intimate drink of water that only He can provide.

The drinks of this world which we may try to satisfy ourselves are polluted. They may satisfy for a while, but sooner or later, we come to the realization they are void of any real substance. We have not fed our spirit by such things, but our soul. Becoming more soulish than ever. I have been and am, so very guilty of this. I want to rise above the soulishness. It is a hard thing to do at times. At least for me.

I pretty much see things in black and white. Rarely, is there a grey area. Opinions and emotions take over. Causing me to forget quickly, you are a child of God. Stop behaving like you aren’t.  Such soulishness! God is very displeased with such a thing. But He does not cast us off. He does not say, you’ve gone without for so long, you are on your own. No. He is such a gracious God. Understanding that we are but dust. He knows. He knows exactly where, when and how we began to stray. His greatest desire is for us to run to Him with all our soul.

And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. — John 6:35 —

I am a diabetic. Not severe, as of yet. Anyone with diabetes knows you have to feed yourself ever so often or you become weak and perhaps a little disoriented at times. Even though you don’t quite feel hungry, you know you have to eat. There are times I do not eat because I do not have what would be called a healthy appetite. I eat because my body tells me to, and by then, it is a little bit too late. I’m shoving anything I can get my hand on into my mouth just so I can feel normal again. Whatever that is.

That too reminds me of how we feed ourselves sometimes. We know that we are hungering for something in this world. So we fill that void with everything we can get our hands on. And like a diabetic will do at times, we shove anything down as quickly as possible in order to satisfy.

Friend, that just will not do. You will end up mal-nourished, weak and disoriented in the things of God. You and I have the responsibilty (yes, it is our responsibility) to feed ourselves accordingly. But not to worry. God gave us a Book, the Holy Bible to feast upon. What a wonderful, beautiful AWESOME Book! We know it is unlike anything on this earth. So why (I ask myself the same question) would we just lay it aside?

Just like my tomatos plants that became revived after just a little watering, you too can be revived in such a way. I exhort you to get back in His Word. FORGET the things of the world for a while. Just try it for one day. Turn off the radio, turn off the T.V, turn off the T.V. preachers you have learned to trust in. Turn me off, for pete sakes. Hear God for yourselves. Let HIM speak to you.

Do not cast your seed to man. No, not one of them! You will get droopy. Sow to the Spirit and become alive again!

For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. — Galatians 6:8 —