Call it a weird thought, but, what if  –as through some kind of mechanical device or other wise — that thing started walking across the water? I suspect people would call it a great sign and wonder and many would bow before it paying it homage. Just saying.

Following article gotten here:

A megachurch in southwest Ohio dedicated a new statue of Jesus on Sunday that replaces the iconic sculpture known as “Touchdown Jesus” that burned down after being struck by lightning in 2010.

The Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio, celebrated the construction of the new “Lux Mundi” (The Light of the World) statue off Interstate 75 in a special service on Sunday evening.

“It’s a big, big event for us…. it’s been over 2 years, it’s been a long process. But, we’re very pleased with the final product. Peoples’ reaction has been very positive for us. So it’s a great day,” quoted church administrator Ron Carter as saying.

The new statue is designed by Japanese-American sculptor Tom Tsuchiya, who is with Design Dynamics, Inc. “Ultimately, I hope Lux Mundi will be a constant reminder for all of us to get along with each other,” Tsuchiya was quoted as saying.

The Lux Mundi statue depicts a full body Jesus with arms outstretched walking on the lake in front of Solid Rock’s sanctuary. Because it has its arms reaching forward, bearing a resemblance to the football referee’s signal, and not towards the sky, some referred to it also as “Touchdown Jesus.”

In 2010, a storm ripped through the area and a bolt of lightning struck the previous statue built in 2004. All that remained of “Touchdown Jesus” was a heavily damaged iron frame.


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