This video brought joy to my heart. When my eyes fell on the words below describing it, I cried. The American church has a thing or two to learn from brothers and sisters in other nations!

Berean Beacon:

Mrs. Fay Dodson of Phoster Club passed this interesting letter to us.The Unregistered Churches of Russia originally wrote this letter to churches in the USA.

Dear Christian Friends, For thirty years we have suffered intense persecution, and now freedom is bringing another great harm to our churches. This damage is coming from the Christians in America who are sending rock music and evangelists accompanied by rock bands. Our young people do not attend these meetings because we have all commited not to participate in secular entertainment. This is a great burden on our hearts. Many come with Bible in hand and rock music. We do not know what words to use in urging that this be stopped. We abhor all Christian rosk music coming into our country. Rock music has nothing in common with ministry or service to God. We are very, very against Christian Americans bringing to our country this false image of ‘ministry’ to God. We need true spiritual bread, not false cakes. It is true that rock music attracts people to the church, but not to Godly living. We personally were in prison for 15 years and 11 years for Christ’s sake. We were not allowed to have Christian music, but rock music was used as a weapon against us day and night to destroy our souls. We could only resist with much prayer and fasting. Now, we have a time of more openness, and we are no longer taken to prison. However, now it is Christians from America who damage our souls. We do not allow this music in our churches, but they rent big stadiums and infect teenagers and adults with their rock music. We, the leadership and congregations of the Unregistered Union of Churches, former Presecuted Church, have made an agreement to not allow rock music in our churches. We urge you to join with us and we advise you to remove rock music from America, and certianly do not bring it to our country. Do not desecrate our teenagers with it. Even the unbelievers recognize it is unholy music and they cannot understand how American Christians can be so much like the world. We can give you the conclusion that after Russian unbelievers have attended these rock concerts where Christ’s Word was preached, the people were very disappointed and disillusioned with Christianity. We call this music from hell. We urge all Americians to stop giving money for the organization of such concerts in Russia. We want only traditional Christian music in our churches. This is the unanimous decision of all our leaders.


Peter Peters Vasilij Ryzhuk
Head of the Unregistered Elder, Unregistered
Union of Churches Union of Churches