Recently someone made the comment on a social network that Mormonism is more dangerous than Satanism. I have to disagree. Satanism — a religion that teaches self-indulgence, points to self, makes up your own rules for each individual, each individual doing their own thing with no absolutes– is more dangerous in my opinion. With that being said, America is already practicing Satanism. However, if you want to talk about the danger of a Mormon revival in the land, then yes, that is dangerous. Very dangerous.

I may be wrong, but I suspect that if Mitt Romney gets in the Whitehouse, there may be a Mormon revival of sorts. People who have had no religion or Biblical knowledge, perhaps liking his values of decency, hard work and personal responsibilty, may look upon the man and decide to take on his religion. This would be very deadly for any of us who believe that Mormonism is NOT the true Gospel, but one who has it’s roots in golden tablets, an angel named Moroni and a false prophet named Joseph Smith. No one and I mean no one can believe the Bible is the absolute Word of God and embrace Mormonism as the truth of God. It is not possible.

Even so, the bigger problem still is not Mormonism. The problem is lukewarm Christianity that refuses to look deception in the face and call it out. This will be the greater danger. When/if Christians fail to speak the truth, they have compromised the truth. Making it of little importance and thus helping many to enter hell with a false gospel.

Don’t be a Joel Osteen.