In light of America once again choosing Communism over freedom, I have decided for now, I will not be putting up any more articles at this time. I am being completely selfish right now: I care only about my immediate family and for those who love freedom. I have had some family isues that need to be taken care of over the past three years, that no longer can be put on the back burner. My family is my top priority.

I have never, not once, cared about being popular or accepted in the blogging community. In fact, the past few months seeing what some Christians and bloggers have had to say in not voting, has really steamed me. I will speak to that: Your self-righteousness in NOT voting is sickening. The way some of you have tried to steal the rights of others to vote by leading them not to vote, is not only appauling, but makes you a thief. I have nothing but disdain for you. YOU helped bring the demise of this country. YOU helped build that. Don’t even come here and tell me how soverign God is, when you sat on your butt and did NOTHING to stop the onslaught of Communism in this great nation I love. And for those who may accuse me of the “Sin of nationalism” like one particular discernment ministry did, how dare you?! Who do you think you are? Some self- appointed prophet? All I ever wanted was freedom, but you, but you, you have brought people into bondage with your self-righteous judgment for those who wanted to see their country saved from the likes of Marxists and Communists. I have absolutely no respect for you. So as the nation goes to hell in hand basket, as you keep on exposing those false preachers/prophets/evangelists/teachers, make sure you put yourself on your own list! I do not give a royal rip about you or your ministries.

For those who are as disheartened over this as I am: Yes, our God is soverign. Yes, He is on the throne. To you I pray for you as for myself: peace in the coming storm. I pray you will be able to find joy among the circumstances that may arise, that you find your joy in Him who loves us and has not foraken us. I pray that your strength will be in Him and Him alone. I pray that He will give you the things you need. That you will be patient and come to full understanding that this world is not our home. May He watch over you and yours and bind you together in ways that you have not known. May you continue to test all things and when having done all, STAND. Even if it means standing alone.