Ok, I do not want to be one spreading information that is not true. That being said, maybe someone can read and understand the following.

I ‘m not too proud to say, I feel really ignorant right now and I just don’t get it. That being said, what the heck is wrong with Glen Beck if he is purposely spreading something like this IF there is no truth to it? For the record, I do not follow or like Glen Beck. Haven’t liked him OR the other’s on FOX network for some time. Just saying.

From what I am able to stomach from Glen Beck at the moment from the links below, he appears to be mocking. Yet, he runs the commercials on his show??? What is the purpose of him doing it? I have no clue. I just know my dislike for him is even more so. I don’t like people who want to play games and it appears Glen Beck is playing some kind of game. Hoax or not, he is just another deceiver among others.