I’ve put this off for some time now. I did not/do not want this to be a blog about the weird and strange. Yet, there are just some things I can not ignore.

For the past few years, I am able to hear from my home, a sound that sounds like a low deep rumble, maybe something like a motor. Other times, it is a humming sound. I can’t rule out that it may be something to do with the airport a few miles away. I do not know. More than once, I felt a vibration inside of me from the noise. Not anything really discomforting, but yet, very noticeable. I was on the phone one day talking to a friend, and the sound was so aggravating, I took the phone outside to ask her if she could hear it. She said, “What on earth is that?” I told her I did not know.

When I began to see that people all over the world began hearing these things, I could not ignore it anymore. What do I think it is? I think the world is being prepared for one big delusion and somehow these events play into it.