If you can watch this all the way through, then you must have more tolerance than I. I just could not. So why bring it to you? Because there are still those out there who can not see the apostacy. They have gone into the house of God and made it a place of entertainment. A place to tickle the ears. A place to be a star for an hour or so. Ask yourself: would Jesus and His disciples do this? Can you really see them doing such things? I don’t confess to being the brightest among God’s children, but one thing I do know, is this: I know apostacy when I see it and this is part of it. If I ever step into a church building and this is what they have going. I am sooooo out of there.

Just another reason I do not get up and go anywhere on Sunday mornings. This goes on in one way or the other all across the churches in America. And I will have no part of it.