Is it fair to say that any political party, any government leader, any president, anyone who endorses abortion, is an advocate for child sacrifice? I believe so. In fact, I know so, because abortion is — child sacrifice. Anyone who wants to think differently is blind indeed.

Abortion is not the only way of sacrifice. There are other ways children are sacrificed. I believe government/politicians sacrifice them in the name of women’s rights, in the name of depopulation, in the name of eugenics and other ways that I will not go into right now. If I be right, then is it fair to say these people are evil? If your answer is no and you call yourself a Christian, how can you not see it? Is it because you too are evil and do not know it?

Go back and look at history. Any nation that began to sacrifice it’s children were damned by God. And rightly so!

Please know, that I do not attack the women who have had abortions. It is possible you did not know what you were doing. It is possible you believed the lies by those who had no love for your baby. It is possible you felt there was no other way. But now, you know, and ignorance is no longer an excuse.