Communism ALWAYS begins with false information, lying media and the disarming of civilians.

Note: Liberal communist comments are not welcomed on this issue. Yeah, yeah, we all know you want the American people to disarm themselves. Take your opinions elsewhere. This is not the place.

The following is almost unbelievable, but the proof is right in front of us. That is if we dare to take our brain off the back burner, refuse to be spoon fed from liberal communist media, and think for ourselves. In the case below, there are so many things wrong.

First the suppossed father of a little girl who was murdered: We are to believe this man who comes to the camera with his face all relaxed and smiling, is the face of a man who just lost his child? Notice the way he prepares to speak. He is getting himself into character, like anyone who prepares for an acting bit. If you pay close attention, you will see micro expressions. These are just bits of expression that run acroos the face which reveal true emotion/thought. In this man’s case, there is smiling. This is deception.

The woman who says, “It doesn’t even seem real.” She is smiling. You mean to tell me that someone on the scene of such a horrific crime, would have it within them to smile? You have to be kidding me.

Victoria Soto — her facebook account was opened four days before the shooting. May not mean anything, then again it may.

News Reporter asks: “When is it going to get so bad that lawmakers in Washington, will have to address what has happened?” Read between the lines. She is helping to set the stage for future mass shootings, priming the American citizens —- almost telling us more will come.

Witness at 1:45: Tells how he saw a guy was brought out of the woods. Dressed in chamo pants and a dark jacket. I believe this particular witness was real.

The medical examiner: This man has got to be the biggest phony of all. Watch for yourself and tell me if you think his behavior is normal and/or professional. He just happens to have on a white coat to make it more convincing. I say this because it reminds me of the time when obama had his FAKE doctors all in lab coats promoting obamacare. Did he slip when he said, “You can control the situation depending on your photographer.”???? What about the part where he rolls his head and makes some kind of stupid sound? I can’t describe it, you have to see/hear for yourself. Does that look/sound like a professional, someone who knows what he is talking about — or does it look/sound like some kind of goofball? Looks like a fake to me.

The police officer totally ignores the question about the mother. What is the harm in saying, “I don’t know,” if you don’t know the answer? But this man for some reason totally ignores the question. It is like it caught him off guard or he felt the need to stay silent.

Officer at 6:45: “One thing that is becoming a concern, is misinformation is being posted on social media sites. It is important to know that we have discussed with federal authorities that these issues are crimes, they will be investigated, state wide and federally, and prosecution will take place when people perpretating this information are identified. So any of that information and people putting out that information in any manner can be construed as a violation of state or federal law, will be prosecuted. Will be investigated and prosecuted.” Are we to take this to mean that if you have a different opinion of what happened, you are at risk of being prosecuted? Sounds like it to me. Another way to take away free speech and free thought, if they could.

Possible second shooter that suddenly was rejected. Sound familiar? It should, the same thing was said with the Batman Movie shooting.

“Some of the eye witnesses seem to have wrong information.” Really? Someone who actually is a witness has the wrong information?

Listen to what Jesse Ventura has to say at the end. Get lost, Piers Morgan!