What really happened at Sandy Hook?

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So many discrepancies, so many things keep changing. What is one to believe? Are we to believe that reporters are so dumb as to mix up their information — which we know they can be — or, are we to believe something else.

They want us to believe whatever THEY want us to believe. I refuse to be a sheeple and swallow anything and everything media wants to spoonfeed me. I WILL question.

I find it odd one news source said that the killer blew a window out and got in that way and then another says, he was allowed in. So, which is true?


It is so obvious something stinks in Sandy Hook. The question is, where and to who, does the stench lead back to?

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New Age “Apostles” or Pagans?


It’s not my agenda to insult pagans with the following video. But, let’s keep it real. I am insulted that the church would use pagan tactics to manipulate and spread deception.

As much as I do not go along with Pagan beliefs, even pagans do not go this far with their rituals.

Sadly, this goes on in a lot of churches today. People want to call it worship. I call it theatrics. Christians will sit passively, soak up words, allowing themselves to be hypnotised, thinking this is the Word of God. If you are into this kind of thing, I challenge you, to sit back and take a good look at this and tell me WHY you believe it is of God. I believe it is a bunch of horse manure. We both can not be right now, can we?

Do not waste time telling me I am blasphmeming the Holy Spirit. If anyone is blasphmeming it is those who say they speak for God while being Satan’s ministers who come as an angel of light. Chuck Pierce is just one of many. Deceivers, witches and warlocks in disguise.


Did God allow the shootings at Sandy Hook because He’s not welcomed in schools?


To any nasty (note: I said nasty) atheists: Do not come here and spout off about my God in this matter. If you don’t believe in Him, then you can hardly blame Him. So don’t be a hypocrite, you don’t get to have it both ways here.


This article is written to the Christian. For those who believe in God. It is not up for debate as to God’s existence or not. The topic at hand is a painful one for many. I will not allow the discussion to go where I may simply have no answers. Nor is it open for attacks on the Christian belief.

I’m almost certain I will get reprimanded or something for this one, however, I will speak.

The man below (which I am new to) says that God allowed the shooting because He is not allowed in schools. True or not?

Many Christians will jump on the band wagon and say, “Yes! Yes! It is true!” I have to ask then, is God omnipresent or not? Is He everywhere or not? If so, (and as believers, we believe so) then why even play with the idea He wasn’t there that day?

To paint a picture of God like this paints Him as sitting back, arms folded, saying, “Hmpfh. You all didn’t want me in there, now your children are getting shot and I’m not going in.”

Does it or does it not? Is not that image that has been created? I believe so and I think it is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Christian parent, do not get caught up in thinking that if somehow if schools just allowed prayer to come back in school, everything would be hunky dorey. Think about this — those of you who can see and are aware of the heresies running rampant in the churches, do you really want just any christian leading your child in prayer? What if they don’t pray like you or in the way you want your children to be taught? Then what? Form some kind of committees to make sure it is done to your liking? Pleeeease.

Parents, it is YOUR responsibility to pray with your child. Not the teachers and certainly not school. It is up to YOU to raise them as you see best. What is stopping YOU from praying WITH your child before they leave for school? Please do not use the excuse, “Oh, we are just so busy, time doesn’t allow.” Yet, you would want — in some cases, in your heart of hearts, may be demanding the school to do what you yourself will not do? Hypocrite. Your child pays the price for your unwillingness and is sent to fight battles that he/she has not been trained to do. It is no one’s place but your own to teach your child to pray.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW the public school system is one big battle ground for the soul of your childern. All the reason more that YOU take responsibility instead of WASTING time in hopes that somehow a secualar humanistic school system is going to just roll over and give you your right to prayer. All the time some Christians spend in trying to get this passed and that passed, could be used in schooling your child in spiritual matters at home before they even walk out the door for school.

Prayer can be anywhere at anytime. You do not need man’s permission or sanctions from ANY government. You want to pray? Then do so, but do not look for the secular world to give you permission. You already have that permission from God.

You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. — Deuteronoomy 11:19 —

People want the Ten Commandments put back in school. So, then what? Do you think there is some kind of magical power in that? As if, that would keep the evil out? NO! I dare say, that it almost akin to witchcraft. Still, there would be parents, both non-christian AND Christian at home living like the devil and some of you know who you are. If you want your child to know about the Ten Commandments, then teach them at home. Let them see what it looks like through your life, because they certainly are not going to see it at school. Even if the Commandments were posted in every single classroom, it would not matter. God is Spirit. He does not need trinkets, plaques, statues or any other thing to be worshipped or taught about.

God was there that day. I don’t know why He didn’t intervene any sooner than He did. It happened because of evil. You can listen to all the garbage about mental health and blah, blah, blah. I really do not think that is going to make one parent feel any better about what happened that day. My personal heart felt opinion? Who gives a rat’s rear end about whether the so-called shooter was crazy or not? I don’t. I do not care one iota. I happen to believe there is good and evil in the world and an ungodly evil abounded that day.

I wonder if there were any parents that day, who prayed with their child before they went to school. And no, in no way am I blaming the parent and in no way am I saying, if they had, their child would have been exempt from the horror. Having no children, it is just something I think about. Bad things happen all the time. Horrific bad things sometimes unable to understand and grasp. The closest I get to actually understand such evil is knowing that just as God exists, so do devils.

I am not a great scholar, nor am I the brightest crayon in the box. But one thing I do know: God WAS there that day. He WAS in that school in spite of what is being said by those in the Christian community. He was NOT outside, arms folded, pouting, as if it were His way of getting even. So instead of the Christian community trying to use this as some kind of opportunity to advance their cause in a secular world, teach your child now. And even more so, as you see the evil abounding. Teach him/her now to call upon the name of the Lord. Teach your child there is good and evil in the world and the God you serve as a family is THE God that sees all and knows all. Teach them all your finite mind can give them. Do not give over your responsibilty to government or schools or anyone else to raise your child in the way you desire them to go. Believe me, the secular world would love to have your children and if you don’t want the responsibility, then they will be all too glad to relieve you from it.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.– Proverbs 22:6 —