I do not buy this. Glasses to cover up the fact there are no tears. I wear glasses sometimes and I can tell you, if I were crying as much as this man lets on, droplets of tears would be falling from the glass rims.

He thought it was a “skit.” Yeah, well, so do I.

Also, check this out: http://crisisactors.org/

In the About section:

“Visionbox strongly believes that actors are necessary contributors to the health of our culture. They are artists who have the ability to create character, transform, and imagine other peoples’ lives; to walk in someone else’s shoes and thereby expose the audience to the complexity and meaning of the human condition. We need doctors to heal our bodies, but we need artists to heal our souls. Art is also a force for change that is as powerful as any political party.”

We need artists to heal our souls about as much as we need big government to tell us every other thing on how to live and believe.

Scott Walker:


“I prayed that it wasn’t that teacher, but it was.”

Hmmm, did he even know the teacher.

“I don’t know how they fled. I think she must have protected them and saved their lives.”

“I want the children to be the basis for our solution.”

Well, does it get anymore blatant than that? Basis for what? Solution to what? He just happened to throw that in there? In other words, this whole thing is nothing but a big fat farce to deceive the American people, tugging on heart strings, that WILL be used to take away the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Following video is very much like a previous video above, but this one interjects some questions in it, which makes for some very good observations.