Society wants to blame bad behavior on everything from guns to video games. They seldom look at the real issues. One is the drugs that people are put on now days. The many different anti-depressants, etc. have many bad side effects. They change a person’s thinking and can actually cause violence. My first awareness came when I was reading up on Andrea Yates some years back. She was a good mother in many ways. That is until, she ended up being put on a cocktail of many drugs and murdered her children.

These drugs are of the most dangerous kind. They only mask what is going on in the individual. Sometimes, more times than would like to be addressed by people.

But let us not forget the real reason there is bad behavior. It is called sin. There is no drug on earth that can take away the effects of sin. Bad feelings sometimes can be God’s way of trying to get an individual in a place where the person needs to cry out to God. Feel ashamed of something? There is a drug for it. Feel depressed? There are drugs for that. Feel anxious all the time? There are drugs for that.

What would God have an individual do? Run to and fro trying to find the perfect counselor and perfect drug, or learn to deal with the issue at hand?

I do understand, there may be individuals who truly need medication for a season, for whatever reason. Still, it does not take away from the fact, that God, and God alone is perfectly capable of giving someone a sound mind. The problem comes when people become so dumbed down, allowing the drugs to manipulate them into being a different person than God intended. And sometimes, that is one of violence and murder.

Shame on the pharmacutical companies and the doctors who are nothing more but the biggest drug pushers in the world. And they KNOW it.