Just one more reason I do not go to church. Somehow everyone doing a cheap imitation of the Hokey Pokey is suppose to be a good thing? Sorry. I don’t accept this as worship. Which goes along with a dream I had last night. I dreamt I was in church with a lot of other people. Coming from the pulpit was one big BORING and stupid performance. No God, no Word, no Bible. No prayer. Just one big I wanna be a star show. It was so awful I felt like I would throw up. I stood up and said something along these lines: “This is the biggest bunch of horse malarky I have ever heard. This is deadness.”

The guy behind the pulpit said, “Well, you try putting together a video.”

I said along these lines: “God is nowhere in this. The Bible says the true worshippers would worship Him in Spirit and Truth. He is not here.”

With that I began to walk out as countless others began to walk out. End of dream.

I found the following video through a Christian network I subscribed to. Found it last night, which probably explains the dream I had being more impacted by my sub-conscious than a God thing.

I do not call this worship. I dare call it a form of idolatry. I dare say, Jesus is NOT being exalted, there is no truth to break yokes, as there is no real annointing. Just theatrics and manipulation of a bunch of little sheeple who do what they are told. Which is shake your hands and somehow wave away the yokes. Hogwash.

These young folk are being taught to sing and prophesy things to come to pass. Where is prayer? Prayer takes time and effort, it takes a willing and at times a broken heart. There is a price to pay for prayer. Not so for a cheap imitation of deliverance and freedom.

Actually, it is a form of worship. Worship of music. If you want to call it that. Music, that is.

Pretty sad when the world has much better music than the church. Anyone with any musical understanding at all, knows where I am coming from.

Another video I could not stomach to watch the entire contents.