Alabama Government officials offer this video on what to do if you are involved in the middle of a mass shooting.

This really is a crock of bull. Yes, you can run, hide or fight. But really, the only way to stop a mass shooter? Is with another gun. The bigger, the better, I always say.

People would not have to worry about running, hiding and trying to fight with a CHAIR as in this video, and be at the mercy of an armed thug (government or otherwise) if they themselves had the power to shoot back. Wonder why Alabama officials did not give the option of shooting back? This is governments’s way of trying to make us all feel safe. Uh, yeah. I feel safer already.

Give me a gun any day over a cannister off the wall or a chair!

Do not be swayed by the following propaganda. If politicains and their families have GUN protection, you too, should have the VERY SAME RIGHT to defend you and your family.

Still, if you find yourself caught in such a place, I suppose you can try one of the following …… along with PRAYING.