If you happen to be in a Church building and you are being blessed and being allowed to be a blessing in the way you know God intends, and if you are being taught correct doctrine, I do not begrudge you. I truly am happy for you. I hope you continue to be blessed. However, this article is not for you.

This is for those who once were involved in a Church = building. You gave your time, your love, your service and your money out of committment to God. But, you began to see some things that alarmed you: false teachings, idolatry, theatrics, manipulation, the occult, witchcraft — all being done in the Name of the Lord. When you began to see those things, your heart was first surprised, then saddened, and then you dared trying to warn others what you were seeing. Not out of sowing discord and/or gossip as some of you were accused. Not out of rebellion as some of you were told. But out of a deep concern and love for the truth. Surely, they want to know, you told yourself. But, you found out, they did not. You were more or less poo pooed, shunned, ignored, and as you walked out the door for the last time, no one cared. After all, that Church building no doubt many times had prayed words like this: God, bring in those who You desire and send out from among us who you do not.

Like me, you too, probably said it at one time or another. Because isn’t that what we were taught? That only those who could follow the program were welcomed. Those who wanted to help the pastor with his vision, were esteemed. That you were not to question.

You find out you were just another casuality as you remember the ones who left before you. When you watched them leave, you did not go after them. Instead you looked upon them as if they were the ones with the problem. And now, sadly, you know what it feels like to be one of them.

Leadership taught they were not to be challenged, or else you were unteachable, rebellious, etc.  You probably felt confused. Why is it wrong to point out error?  You may have thought. So you caught yourself sitting at home as you tried to understand why it made one guilty for just having a desire for the truth.

You may have began to feel sorry for yourself, as you may have began to believe you didn’t matter in God’s kingdom. That thought alone made you wonder if you were guilty of the sin of pride. Before you knew it, that condemnation began to bring you down, perhaps even making you depressed. After all, God’s Word does warn us of the sin of pride. Is it pride to have the desire to share what you believe God laid on your heart, only to be ignored and at times admonished by leaders? I don’t think so. I can only suggest this: If God opened your eyes in the first place, there is a reason for it. It was and is His will for you to share what has been laid on your heart concerning the things you have seen. You were right in wanting to warn the sheep of the leaven. They were wrong in wanting to shut you out.

You were made to feel you didn’t count, you weren’t important. Some even took your desire to be a blessing and perverted it with words like, “You are thinking too much of yourself” — “why, he (the preacher) is a man of God, you just need to follow him and God will lead the way” — you had to show yourself worthy of using any gifts in that church, — worthy being if you were faithful enough to clean toilet, bake the brownies, give your money, sit in the nursery watching unruly kids, go everytime the church doors were opened. Never mind if you had a number of things outside the church that needed your attention: sick parents, illnesses of your own or others, etc., just being plain worn out from having to participate in programs that meant little to nothing or having to listen week after week to what you believed was dead preaching. Not to say the total heresy in some cases.

Some even accused you of just being rebellious towards authority. Uhhh, what does that mean exactly? That we must find a church and must submit? Submit to what and who? Someone else who decides how you will be used? Submitting to never questioning and just going along to get along? NEVER.

You were led to believe that you must go to church or else you were in total defiance to this scripture:

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. — Hebrews 10:25 —

And to that I will ask those who want to use this scripture to lord it over the rest of us, what exactly does that mean to you? That those of us who have seen what is sometimes heretical teachings come straight from the pulpit, that somehow we are just to suck it up, and get with the program anyway? IF you have found a place where you are able to get true fellowship, a place where people actually care about your needs as much as you do theirs, a place where you are welcomed and are used in the way God intends, then thank God for it, instead of trying to bring others under some kind of condemnation for not finding it. It is a gift — pure and simple.  God does not love you any greater than the Christian who has not been able to find what you have found.

So what does the unchurched Christian do with that scripture? Friend, I wish I knew. What can I offer you when I too am in the same place? I can only say this and only hope it is something that brings life. For I have been alone so long, now, sometimes I can not see straight. Yet, I keep telling myself, doesn’t it go back to Jesus? Isn’t He always suppose to be more than enough? I am constantly reminded of the thousands of believers all over the world who are in prison. Alone. Forsaken by man. Unchurched Christian, you too, may be in a type of prison.

Like me, there may be times where your soul cries out, “I need… I need… I need.” There may be obstacles that you can not control which get in the way of you getting what you know you need. Fellowship being one of the greatest needs for the unchurched Christian. If you find yourself totally alone and your soul is begging for something that just does not seem to be happening — or even meant for you at the time — then what are you to do?

I believe  that God sometimes purposely allows us to be in a place where we begin to see everything we ever trusted in, become as dung before us. Did you once care what man thought of you? He will put you in a place where it will not matter what man thinks of you. Did you seek man’s approval? You will find only God’s approval is enough. Did you like being noticed because of some gift or talent? God not only wants you to see He is the giver of gifts and talents, but desires you to be free from the yoke of performance. Has there been anything in you at all (get real with yourself now) that liked being seen as spiritual? Some of you know what I am talking about. Like me, you carried around certain books to make sure everyone knew what you were reading. That is spiritual pride and God hates it. He desires to strip you from any pre-conceived notions of what spirituality looks like.

See, if you have done any of these things and have found it hard to break free, God loves you so much that he desires you to be more free than you can imagine. I know it hurts right now, to be without a church and true fellowship. God knows I know. But the time spent now in getting to know Him in the stillness of your life, surpasses anything the church building can ever give you.

Many times this scripture comes to me: And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.” Luke 22:31-32 —

We know this had to do with Jesus telling Peter that he would deny Him. So what might it have in common for us — the unchurched?

You will feel yourself being sifted many times over during your time of aloneness. You may even begin to question God, causing doubts like never before. BUT…. He is still with you. He has NOT forsaken you. He truly wants you to know HIM. NOT fleeting emotional feel-goods that church services bring. NOT the little pat on the backs affirmations the pastor may give to you. NOT that euphoric feeling one gets when they perform in church knowing their gift is being adored and appreciated.

Though you were led to believe you were the problem, the problem is not with you, precious Remnant of God.

The problem lies with those who desired to put a yoke of performance/bondage on you through deceit and manipulation.

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.– Galatians 5:1 —

I’m going to guess, since you have been alone, a part of you has died. Perhaps that part that used to care what others thought. Remember how you bowed to it in order to be accepted?

Some of you truly are house bound. Perhaps illness or other events not under your control make it impossible for you to get out and even try looking for a place if you even wanted. To you, I would say, do not let anyone put a yoke on you. I heard one preacher say if you can’t get to church, then crawel. Really? Church is that important? Well, to some, I suppose. In which case, it could be a type of idolatry. Yes, idolatry. There are those who are addicted to the the idea of going to church = building. I will not expound on that one right now. Perhaps at a later date.

I must say that preacher’s words really irked me. Did he even mention that maybe just maybe, someone could try and offer you a ride to church? No.

You are being changed

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.
— 2 Corinthians 2:17,18 —

The things you are going through are not meant to bring you depression or any other negative thing. Though you may battle with those things. They are meant to change you from an image of what you may have thought you should look like, to one of what God thinks you should look like.

… He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; — Philippians 1:6 —

Notice something here: it does not say, He who has begun a good work in you will complete it as long as you go to church every time the doors are opened. Or as long as you follow the pastor on every thing that comes out of his mouth. Or if you tithe, bake brownies for fellowship dinners, teach Sunday school, etc.

No, it does not say those things. Now granted, Jesus can and does use these things to help bring about that good work. But they are not what finishes it. It is in Jesus, and in Him alone.

God tells you He has not forgotten you. He has not forsaken you. That He still will use you wherever you are. If you are alone as a alone can be, He still can and will use you. Your life is not in vain. It is not meaningless.

There will be those who will judge you because you are off on your own. Have they made a real attempt to know you, to understand what you are going through, the things you may be dealing with? Have they even heard your voice? Do they know if you have health problems or if you have been dealing with a family issue? If not, then pay no mind to these people. They have no right to speak into your life if they have not taken the time to know you, really know you.

They will load you down with more bondge as you begin adding them to your I need you to accept me list. No, friend. The only thing you need right now if you find yourself unchurched for the reason I listed above, is God. Use this time to try and draw near to Him. Then when it is time for you to go out and try to find that church = building, you will have died to so many things, that the approval of man will mean very little to you. All that will matter to you, is what God thinks of you.