I have never watched any Pope being sworn in or whatever it is, they do when they become pope. However, I did the other day for the first time. I felt impressed to just go and see. My first take was all the hoopla over a mere man. The thousands and thousands of people waiting for their leader to come forward, hoping to get a glance from him. How sad. He is just a man, no different than you and I. But to millions, he is a type of god in the flesh. I began to imagine what it would be like if all of a sudden some great sign came upon the sea of humanity. So easily done now with the use of holograms. No doubt about it, the people would have bowed like reeds in the wind. But it didn’t happen. At least not yet.

I heard the announcer mention this man was the first Jesuit pope. My ears perked up. I have read many things over the years about the Jesuits and none of it good. I have tried to find the perfect video or something that is able to relate the truth about the Jesuits but most of them are done up with creepy music that sensationalizes the truth. I can do without that. So, dear readers will either have to wait or do the research on your own.

I watched the events unfold on a different channel than the author below. Still, I could sense and hear what seemed like total breathless admiration on the part of the reporters on the station I was watching. My thought? Were all the reporters Catholic or just emotionally swept up in all the theatrics? And it IS theatrics. Every second of it. All the colorful garments, the hats, the waiting for the man to be revealed, the waiting for the name to be revealed. But you see, it has to be this way, or else, people could not follow without the smoke and mirrors. But I digress.

I ran across the article below and must say, not only it is well written, but it is truthful and factual. Even though, as I previously stated, I did not watch the same station, the same type of thing was going on on the channel I was watching. Not so much the blatant call to Ecumenism as the author below states. But it was there. There was a sense, a feel, whatever you choose to call it. As if this man was going to have all the answers for the world. But, he will not. He is just a man.

I will end by saying the world is being set up for a grand delusion. The popery is just one of many.

End note: Rick Warren seems to be one of the many breathless ones. Be cautious, be very cautious if your church starts to go in the direction of Rome. If it does, know that you have just entered the Apostacy Zone.

Following article gotten here:


I guess news reporting is not what it used to be. We get only a glimpse of the happening, hardly a mention of serious matters, with lots of time spent on things that do not matter, and lots of opinions. The fact that everyone has got one has gone a bit too real. But oh, well, it brings in ratings, pays the bills and someone up there gets rich. So, who cares if its the truth, right? Opinions also build blogs, don’t they?

If I wouldn’t have watched it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believed it. You may not believe it either because I am not going to put up a bunch of links to prove what I am saying is true. I’m not going to go into long explanations of why this is all so strange, scary and wonderful at the same time. I am going to simply say what I witnessed along with much of the world via tv land, assuming anyone else out there was paying attention. I am saying it because it needs to be said and so far, no one else has.

It seems the world has gone and got itself a new pope, a new Holy Father, a pontiff, a vicar, one they can follow, or who can lead them into the next phase of their religion, whatever that may be. A man who has chosen the name of another who lived long ago, famed for his strange supernatural experiences, one who heard the voice of God thru a cross. One whose long ago pilgrimage is very popular among not only the Catholics, but also the well-evolved Christians who have sought after another way.

Did you ever think you would hear a call for ecumenism during a prime time news broadcast? I didn’t. But on such a stellar occasion, amidst the joy and excitement, the sign of hope through white smoke, the new pope, and – pop – there it was on CNN. The crier, Erin Burnett.

I think Erin does a good job most of the time, but I don’t watch her all that often. So, it is nothing personal against her ability to do her job. It is however, largely personal that she publicly denied Christ and urged others to follow along with her. But somehow I doubt she understands the gravity of her words. And that is most unfortunate.

So on the evening of March 13, 2013, the filming of Out Front, Erin, standing in front of St. Peters’ had a short conversation with Roma Downey. They discuss the new pope and are both very excited and pleased that a decision has been made. Roma is a practicing Catholic, and Executive Producer of the doctrinally failed, yet very popular mini-series, The Bible. Roma who later referred to herself as Christian stated she was very excited that her series, bible stories as she related to it, had brought in more ratings than “the zombies“. I’m not so sure that is an accomplishment to brag about. There is more truth to be had from AMC’s The Walking Dead than there is her version of the bible. And I can have an opinion here, I’ve watched both.

Suddenly, Erin commented that she wished she had read the Qur’an. It was a disjointed comment, and it took me back, because it was so out of place. But for Erin, her personal beliefs and religious needs, her comment had a place, and you will see that. She then asked Roma how she felt about the Qur’an. Roma stated it was ok that others read the Qur’an, that “as Christians, we are called to love and to be tolerant”. Roma, like the faith she follows is only partly right. To love is something we can all agree on, even superficially.

Going forward, Erin brings on via satellite an ex-Catholic turned atheist, lesbian woman. How fitting considering the sexual sin by the Catholic church and the current battle over same sex marriage, huh? But remember, everyone has an opinion. This woman, whose name I do not know feels that if the Catholic church would just change it’s beliefs to accommodate what the people want, what is relevant for today, then more people would probably return to the church. So, a woman who claims she no longer believes in God is going to give spiritual and doctrinal advice? And this woman’s presence on camera is not political? And let me say, with all the horrendous things done in the name of God, I can see why this woman made the choices she did. I don’t say they are right, but I do understand the reasoning behind them.

After the final commercial break, Erin, standing alone, facing the camera ends her show with a personal call for ecumenism. By her own words that is what she believes in. She too is an ex-Catholic, and although she doesn’t practice any more, she is excited that the church has a new pope. She states that the church does a lot of good for a lot of people. But for her, all we need is ecumenism. She’s beautiful. She’s smiling. She is convincing. In the excitement and emotion of such a momentous occasion, in a place where so many have gathered together, who wouldn’t want to be included in the next great thing?

Ecumenism. A fancy word that basically means unity. Ahh-ha. Now the seemingly odd and out of place Qur’an question from earlier makes a bit more sense. As do the ideas and suggestions of the displaced atheist. Unity in what, Erin? A god who condones homosexuality? Or reading of the Qur’an alongside the Bible, or reading any book for that matter, or maybe no book at all? Or maybe we will just chuck the bible and watch Roma’s newly produced bible stories, entertaining as they are. Unity, meaning we all believe in something, some god with whatever name we are to give him, or give her for that matter, a higher power, a force, with doctrine based on whatever whim feels right at the moment, one that we can change when we become too bored? Isn’t that what we call agnostic? Universalism? Don’t we call that emergent?

We do not by orthodoxy call that “Christian”. And Erin, you have not been the first to think of it.

This, my friends is the beginning of a one world religious system. This is wonderful bible prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. And it all happened right there, after the election of the new pope, on CNN.

I am still shaking my head.