Appreciation goes out to ontheway who brought the new Queen James “bible” to my attention. I thought I had been aware of it, but I had not. I suppose it is a good thing I have not known until now. Though it still sickens me, I’m kind of getting used to the fact that everything is becoming one big lie and deception to deceive all of humanity. Learning that the past few weeks has made me less angry and more willing to just go forth in truth. We are at war between good and evil, truth and lies. I am doing my best by the grace of God within me to not let the evil overcome me through my own rage against the filth and lies covering the earth.

Before the true haters come here accusing me of hate, I will ask, how many times have you sat with a loved one with AIDS in a hospital, helping to change their sweat soaked sheets, sitting quietly by their bed not knowing if they were going to live or die? Deeply loving them, desiring them to live and then thanking God when He showed mercy when He brought your loved one home. Your accusations mean nothing to me. Don’t dare come here and accuse me of “hate.” True hate is desiring to see others stay in the same bondage you are in just because it feels good to you and you do not want to be alone in your bondage.

I can’t really add anything to the following. It speaks for itself.