I suppose the title sounds a little hokey. But dog owners all through the world will tell you the very same thing: They adore us.

I had a terrible fear of dogs. My mother told me it started at an early age. I don’t remember, but she told me a big black dog used to come around and I would love all over him. But one day, for some reason, that dog snapped at me and then the fear set in.

After that all I remember is being afraid of them.

A new girl moved in down the street from me. One day, seeing the neighborhood girls playing, I went down to join them. I was extremely shy back then. I liked playing with other kids and was flexible on what we played. That particular day, when I went to join them, they mocked me and ridiculed me. For what, I do not remember. Kids can sometimes be cruel for no apparent reasons. Especially girls. So as I stood out in the street merely watching them have fun together, she sicked her dogs on me. They began running after me, barking, teeth showing. I ran home as fast as I could as the girls laughed.

Years later as I was walking home from work, a Doberman came up to me and bit me on the leg. I tried to stay calm and managed to get myself to a nearby firehouse where the firemen came out and shooed him away.

I was leary of any and all dogs, until…

My husband and I got our first dog — a bluetick Beagle — Jethro — who lived almost 15 years. He was a faithful old dog. I like to say he was the dog for our youth, when we were younger, as he took lots of energy and stamina. After he died the grief was so terrible, we both said we would never get another dog. But…

We got Dixie and Dolly four years ago. These little dogs — part Beagle and part King Charles Cavalier are the perfect breed for us at this stage in our life. They are such sweet timid little creatures. Not an aggressive bone in them. My dogs and I spend a lot of time together. It does not matter to them what we do, just as long as we are together.

They follow me wherever I go. If I lay down through the day, they too go lay down in their little bed next to ours. If I go sit in the living room or the TV room, they come and sit with me. When I am in my writing room, they lay on a little bed I have made for them. If I am eating, they are right there. Waiting to get their after dinner “cookie.”

It does not matter to them if I have been out in the yard working like a horse coming in smelling like a pig. They are as excited as I just to sit with me when I finally give my body a rest. They do not care if my hair is combed or if I have on no make-up. They do not care if I am dressed like a slob sitting in front of the computer. Simply put — they love me.

Why, I will never know. I’m not some exciting master who is able to entertain them or take them on long walks. Their daddy (my husband) does that for them. I don’t play fetch with them as neither of them have learned to bring me back the ball. They want me to chase them and I’m not going to run all around the backyard chasing something with four legs who can run much faster!

So why do they love me? I suppose it is because I’m the one who feeds them. I give them fresh water and the treats. Not to say, they are stuck with me as I hardly ever leave the house.

I’ve heard it said that the closest thing to God’s love on earth, is a mother. I disagree. No insult to my mother or any mothers out there, but I disagree. Please do not get this mixed up with some kind of Pantheism, but I think when God created dogs, He put something of His nature in them. They are our friend no matter what. They adore us and just as they adore us, can we not adore the Master even greater? My little dogs have put me to shame when I compare their adoration of me to how I adore the One True God — Jesus.

Adore: to worship or honor as a deity or as divine, to regard with loving admiration and devotion, to be very fond of

The cares of this world can easily sweep me away. In so doing, I fail to adore, worship, to be very fond of the One who loves me. The One who for the most part just desires me to know He is there in the midst of everything. Still on the throne, still in control, still not forsaken me, still will feed me and give me drink. Who desires greater than anything, that I acknowledge His presence in my life desiring we spend time together.

The picture above was taken when Dixie — the biggest, and Dolly — the little one, were just a couple months or so old. They were driving me crazy, chasing me around the house nipping at my feet, chewing on the legs of the dining room table, all the while me trying to potty train them. I put them outside for a while hoping they would like to play. But I was wrong. They remained at the door whimpering wanting back in. I happen to see them in this cute little pose, ran and grabbed my camera, hoping they had not changed position, and they had not. I snapped the picture and then let them back in.

If you have shut God out of your life somehow, if somehow the cares of the world have caused you to forget to adore Him, you don’t have to be afraid of Him. This is what Jesus says:  “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” — Revelation 3:20 —