When modern psyhchology began entering the church, I knew right off it would lead to greater deception. Enabling the church to become more self-absorbed with  having a touchy/feely experience, rather than picking up our cross, and die.

So many times over the past few decades I have heard/read/seen those who tell us, “You need to forgive yourself.”

Really? I need to ask where in the Word of God does it say that? It doesn’t.

Jesus upon the cross said, “It is finished.” He did not say, “Now go and forgive yourselves.”

The thief comes to steal. Is it not theft to claim for ourselves what is meant for God? Is it not theft to rob God of the act of forgiveness, when we take it upon ourselves to “forgive” ourselves? I think so. But, if we listen to the modern day pop psychologists who have managed to infilitrate the church and teach their brand of Humanism/Secularism, they would have us to believe we can actually add to the Words that were spoken out of the mouth of the Perfect Sacrifice.

Too many times, I have seen hurting individuals spend their time “trying to forgive myself” when all they needed to do was to accept the forgiveness of God. “Oh, but I have,” they have told me. “No, you haven’t.” “Yes, I have.” “No, you haven’t, because if you have, it would be enough.”

Many times people like to stay in that place of looking how to forgive themselves as it somehow feels good to them. What feels good about it, you may ask? Well, it certainly may appear to feel better than picking up your cross and actually dying. In the meantime, a person is getting by with singing the same ol’ song of woe is me, woe is me, when all along they can either accept the total forgiveness of God or not.

Once again, Jesus said, “It is finished.”  

If the enemy of our soul can get us so wrapped up in what we have done, he can keep us from truly repenting, and accepting the forgiveness of God. Self is ugly. I do not care how well we try and present it, how well we try to clean it up — self is ugly. God is not impressed by how well you forgive yourself. He is only impressed with His Son. For the church who say they trust in God, to refuse His forgiveness in search of their own methods, not only brings reproach to the truth, but is robbing God of what is rightly His. HE is the One who died on a cross for us. HE is the One who rose from the dead. HIS blood is the perfect sacrifice.

To think an act of some form of self-forgiveness is on the level of God’s forgiveness is not only ridiculous and deceptive, but blasphemeous. It is one of making the truth of no effect. You may as well say, “God, your forgiveness is not enough, so I’m gonna go and try to find my own.”

What if you had a child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He tells you he is sorry. You tell him, “ok, all is forgiven, we can move on now.” What if the child told you, “But I can’t. I just feel awful about taking that cookie. I’ve got to find a way to forgive myself.” Would it not be a slap in the face to you? Would you not want that child to move on? How much more to God when we refuse to accept His total forgiveness with His authority?

If you are running yourself ragged trying to do what God never intended for you to do in the first place, stop it. “It is finished.”