Things My Dogs Teach Me: Run to the Master

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Above picture: Our little Beagle/King Charles Cavaliers in their daddys’ lap when they were just a few months old.

One day my husband had taken our dogs for their walk. He called me to tell me to come right away. Two big dogs were after our little girlies, and terrified, had gotten out from under their collars. I jumped in the car, my heart pounding and managed to find them not far from home. My husband had Dolly in his arms, but Dixie was loose. Two huge mongrel dogs that looked something out of a horror movie were running loose. One dog, barking and snapping, was jumping up on my husband trying to get to Dolly. The other dog was threatening our Dixie. I called for her and she came to me right away with bad dog following her. I picked her up and the dog started jumping on me, trying to bite us. A few people were standing around watching all the commotion. I yelled out to them, “Don’t just stand there, Help us!” A woman came over and grabbed that dog while I put Dixie in the car. As I was trying to get her in the car, the huge dog got lose and then tried getting into the car before I could even get the door shut! It was terrifying. Then the dog was trying to get in through a window and I had to manage to get back in and roll the window up with this hound from hell snapping at me the whole time. My husband still holding Dolly, with the other hound from hell, jumping up trying to attack him and little Dolly. I don’t know what emotion was greater — my fear or my anger. I got out of the car after rolling up the windows and went around to the other side to open the door for him so he could get in with Dolly. Both demon dogs after us both. I got the door opened and he got in as I was going around the other side to get in to drive away. I get in and see he had not been able to close the door because both dogs were still trying to get in the car! My husband was trying to shove them out with his leg. Oh, I got so mad. I picked up a magazine laying next to me, leaned over and smacked one of the dogs a good one telling him to “GET!” It was just enough to stun him long enough for my husband to pull his leg in and shut the door.

People stood by and did nothing. EMS happened to drive by during part of this and they too did absolutely NOTHING to help. Might not have been very Christian of me, but I told them all a thing or two before I drove off.

As I begin to start the car up, to move on, the dogs outside still would not move! I was blowing the horn and inching along and they still would not move! It was like an attack from hell. I have never seen anything like it in all my life. I was so angry, I actually wanted to run over them. But I didn’t. For the record: both our dogs were spayed when they were much younger, so this was not a case of male dogs going after female dogs.

I finally get us home, we take the dogs in and my husband says the leashes are still back where he lost them, so he goes back to get them. Meanwhile, I collapse in the chair with what was probably an angina attack. I did nothing but sit and cry, trying to breath, thanking God that none of us got mauled or bitten. Also praying that those dogs would not attack my husband when he went back to get their collars and leash.

That day, our dogs ran away out of fear. Before I had gotten there, they both ran in different directions. Dixie had planted herself under the front wheel of someone’s van. The woman not seeing her, almost began to drive forward, until my husband started shouting, “NO! NO!” The driver, not speaking English, did not know what he was saying, yet could hear an alarm in his voice that caused her to be still long enough for my husband to go and drag Dixie out from under her front wheel. Dolly on the other hand had ran down towards the main street where if she had gotten close enough, no doubt would have been hit by a car.

By the time I had gotten there, my husband had managed to get Dolly, yet Dixie had gotten loose. I had set myself up to be the Alpha dog with our dogs when they were just little babies. That makes me their master. I do not know how they would have behaved if I had been there. I’m guessing their behavior would have been no different as it is in their basic instint to either fight or flee from danger. Our little girlies, being timid little dogs, chose to flee. I can’t blame them.

I’ve thought of that incident many times. I see myself in those dogs at times. Maybe some of you can too. Our behavior being no different than theirs. When there is danger, we sometimes get so spooked that the last thing we think of, is running to the Master. Tornado warnings have been something that has terrified me since childhood. I immediatedly panic. I am not quite as bad as I used to be. I think it has more to do with I just do not have the extra adreneline it takes to get all that upset. However, I do take it serious and can feel fear that almost borders along terror. I try to stay calm for the sake of those around me and even for my dogs. In that first stage of panic, the very first thing I think of is running for cover. I’m much too frightened to even ask God for help.

There have been times when someone has playfully come up behind me and smacked/poked/pinched me for whatever reason. My first instinct is to turn around and knock their head off. I do not like playful activities like that. Some people can play like that. I am not one of them. It seems I don’t have time to ask God to help me, it all happens so fast. Thankfully, I have yet to knock anyone’s head off, but have told them never to do that to me again or else.

Satan loves to use fear to keep us from running to the Master. He is very good at it. That old devil knows exactly how, when and where to strike.

But, if we consider ourselves a bond servant/slave to the Lord, should we not run to Him in any event, at all times? Many times, we automatically trust in our own resources we may have at the time. Once there was a time where I could head down the stairs in the event of a tornado warning and not think much of it. I was younger, able to go quickly, not concerned whether my feet would get me there or not. But now, it takes a little longer. I figure if I can get down without falling and breaking my neck, it is a good thing. I have to be more careful, more cautious as my legs do not have the strength or the speed as they once had. That is when I find myself calling out to God now. On my way down the steps. Whereas before, it was after I had gotten down the stairs and prepared myself. I believe the weaker we become or the more frail we see ourselves before an all mighty God, only then it is when we begin to fully trust in Him. We begin to see HE is the One keeping us and not ourselves.

It is easy to trust Him when all is well. Not so easy when things are not all that well.

What is the thing that may stop you from running to the Master? Has the enemy of your soul so blinded you with such horrible things to come (I speak as one who personally knows what that feels/thinks like) that somehow you find yourself running for cover, yet not calling out to His Name? Are you trusting in your own resources? What if those resources were taken away? Then what? Are you so angry (again I speak as one who knows what that feels/thinks like) with things you see or have had happened to you, that you have failed to run to the Master? What if those things get worse?

I believe that God is calling His people to a place of knowing Him in ways some of us have yet to know. If we don’t learn to run to the Master now, then how in the world will we be able to run to Him when things get worse? No doubt, there will be those who will never seek God, never run to him. At the same time, there will be those who will wait until things get worse — then, they will seek God, then they will run to Him. Do not wait. Run to him now.

Seek the Lord while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near.
 Let the wicked forsake his way,
And the unrighteous man his thoughts;
Let him return to the Lord,
And He will have mercy on him;
And to our God,
For He will abundantly pardon. — Isaiah 55:6,7 —

A question to the readers for now — please feel free to answer


I just had a discussion with my husband. He more or less told me I have become unfocused. That I had been writing and putting up some good things, but now, my focus has been changed.  I told him I wasn’t even aware of him reading anything I do on this blog. He rarely says anything and I hardly ever insist he read anything. But obviously, he is looking now.

Have I dear reader, become unfocused as he says?

First, please understand why I do the things I do. I put up things that interest me, I put up things to possibly warn, I put up things that hopefully God is showing me in my personal life and hoping it is a good thing, I share that with you. The last one, which allows me to be transparent before you, is the most dearest to me. For in doing so, I hope it is something that encourages and lifts you up.

When I began this blog 4 (?) years ago, it was to expose the false teachers in the apostate church. I have done that. Then it became mixed with my political rants. Not to say all the videos people were making about forced vaccines, Fema camps, martial law, etc. I spent all my time chasing phantoms and going down rabbit trails on the internet, thinking to myself I was doing a good thing by warning people of what I thought was coming at the time. So much so, that when my mother got sick, I could not see she was dying! I tell you that with a complete brokenness in my heart for that time. I told myself and the Lord I would never do it again. Lest I miss what it is He has set before me to live in.

However, I can not ignore what has happened the past week with the Texas explosion which I believe was a missle or drone. I can not ignore what happened in Boston. I see these events as dark, deceitful, staged. Does that make me just a paranoid kook? Or does it make me someone with their eyes open? Forget your political party in answering that question. Believe me, it would not matter to me who was in office, I still would have the same thoughts. If you can not answer without putting your political party aside, I believe you have no right to answer.

I am not a reporter — I am just a woman who tries to understand/discern what is going on in the world. I never just take anyone’s word on anything. I never just automatically believe everything told to me. I question everything. You should too. You even have the right, the responsibility to question me now. But before you do, please allow me to go on.

I believe a grand scale delusion is coming upon the whole earth. That delusion is already taking place within the church. It has for the past few decades with it’s many doctrines of demons. That delusion is taking place in the political realm. In the media. In all of society. When good is being called evil and evil being called good, know that judgment waits at the door. When a nation has child sacrifice, know that judgment waits at the door. When one does not love the truth, God will allow a delusion. I believe the whole world is being set up for a greater delusion. A delusion that will cause all, both great and small, both rich and poor, to pay homage to a man (I do not know who) as being a savior to all mankind. There will even be those within the church who will embrace this delusion. First there must come chaos and terror before this man/system/government can be set in place.

I also believe that I am not exempt from coming under a delusion. If there is anything in me, anything at all, that does not love the truth, then a delusion can come to me. I truly do not want to spend my time exposing what I think are delusions. I would much rather focus on the things of God, for that is where my heart truly is. Light, truth — such beautiful awesome words to me!

But I tell you, the things of the world sometimes do bother me. I hate this world. I find it hard to ignore some things. I’m not an ostrich with my head in the sand. It is hard for me to ignore any elephants in the room. So, please tell me….

Have I dear reader, become unfocused?

Before you answer my question, please let me ask one of you: If we can not discern now, how will we discern in the future? My question is a sincere one. It is not a trick question to get you not to answer my question. I do want you to feel free to answer.

As I try to discern the times, I need your help.

Please help me.

Two are better than one,
Because they have a good reward for their labor.
For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.
But woe to him who is alone when he falls,
For he has no one to help him up.
Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm;
But how can one be warm alone?
Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not quickly broken. — Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 —

Boston Martial Law: ‘They were confiscating guns from residents’

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Do you believe it? I do. Government knows that law-abiding citizens are not just going to hand over their guns. Government will continue to create crisis after crisis until the people bow before them out of fear and cry out, “Do what you have to do! Just make us feel safe!” I wonder what fake phony illusion they will use? Some kind of grand alien invasion in the future? Would not surprise me one bit. They actually have the means to do this. It is called holograms. If that is a new thing to you, and you find it unbelievable, then do a search on it (holograms) and see for yourself. That is, unless you just trust government to no end, then nothing can convince you.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, local and federal law enforcement were openly confiscating lawfully-owned fire arms from residents, in some cases by force at gun-point, and many were speculating this past week whether or not this would indeed happen in Boston as police put the city on lock-down while searching residents’ houses door-to-door in what has been said is America’s largest-ever manhunt for suspected student, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now in custody and facing charges for using a ‘weapon of mass destruction’.

Although we can only confirm that it has been said, this piece was posted yesterday on Hands off Syria Facebook page by blogger Suzy Kassam who reports that gun seizures did indeed occur in Watertown, MA:

“I came back to America last week to grab my hard drives, all my stuff, and to get rid of my place in Boston —- only to be greeted with a reminder of how much I hated all the bullshit lies and corruption spoiling this once-great country. You know, my best friend worked one block from the bombing. Usually during the Marathon races, all businesses and offices are closed due to heavy heavy traffic. But on that day, my best friend had to go into his office for a meeting. At around five-ish that day, I had just woken up…when he came through the door in a state of shock. He couldn’t talk. I didn’t even know what had happened because I slept through it all. I still have jet lag.

Then the next day, we weren’t allowed out at all…not even to get some coffee. Men dressed in black gear paraded through the streets with weapons. In Watertown, they were confiscating guns from residents. This they don’t tell you on the news. I understand that perhaps the “suspect” may be tempted to fish for weapons, but what about the people that may need to protect themselves from the “suspect” or the government?…

(…) Not only did a bill pass to spy on you (on the same day of the bombing), but now there will be more eyes in the skies, a stronger push for confiscating guns, and no Miranda rights to be read to anybody. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but one who studies multiple theories to get to the truth.

A country that has no conscience when attacking the innocent anywhere, obviously sees no value in human life. Hence, it also sees no problem attacking its own innocent citizens.”

– Suzy Kassem

If anyone can confirm any reports of gun seizures by either local or federal law enforcement, please let us know so we can learn more about these kind of events.


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I have been doing my own research on the Boston “bombing.” I thank God that right now, we are able to NOT have to be at the complete mercy of everyone who calls themself a reporter, no matter the network. We can actually search matters out on our own and come to our conclusion. I refuse to believe what media is telling us about Boston.

BOSTON WAS A FAKE. Meanwhile, the real news was going on in Texas when something (a drone? a missle?) blew up and caused extreme damage to over 300 people who had to leave their homes. Have you asked yourself why that isn’t getting any coverage at all?

Think I’m nuts? Then do your own homework and search matters out.


The Crucifixion of Jesus from a medical perspective

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I do not know of anyone else who ever died for me, I do not know of anyone else who would ever love me enough to go through this so I could spend eternity with such love. Thank you, Jesus, thank You!

Following gotten here:

The Anatomical And Physiological Details Of Death By Crucifixion:
By Dr. C. Truman Davis
A Physician Analyzes the Crucifixion.
From New Wine Magazine, April 1982.
Originally published in Arizona Medicine,
March 1965, Arizona Medical Association.

Crucifixion was invented by the Persians in 300 BC, and perfected by the Romans in 100 BC.

1,It is the most painful death ever invented by man and is where we get our term “excruciating.”

2,It was reserved primarily for the most vicious of male criminals.
Jesus refused the anaesthetic wine which was offered to Him by the Roman soldiers because of His promise in Matthew 26: 29, “But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.”

3,Jesus was stripped naked and His clothing divided by the Roman guards. This was in fulfilment of Psalm 22:18, “They divide My garments among them, and for My clothing they cast lots.”

4,The Crucifixion of Jesus guaranteed a horrific, slow, painful death.
Having been nailed the Cross, Jesus now had an impossible anatomical position to maintain.

5,Jesus’ knees were flexed at about 45 degrees, and He was forced to bear His weight with the muscles of His thigh, which is not an anatomical position which is possible to maintain for more than a few minutes without severe cramp in the muscles of the thigh and calf.

6,Jesus’ weight was borne on His feet, with nails driven through them.
As the strength of the muscles of Jesus’ lower limbs tired, the weight of His body had to be transferred to His wrists, His arms, and His shoulders.

7,Within a few minutes of being placed on the Cross, Jesus’ shoulders were dislocated.
Minutes later Jesus’ elbows and wrists became dislocated.

8,The result of these upper limb dislocations is that His arms were 9 inches longer than normal, as clearly shown on the Shroud.

9,In addition prophecy was fulfilled in Psalm 22:14, “I am poured out like water, and all My bones are out of joint.”

10,After Jesus’ wrists, elbows, and shoulders were dislocated, the weight of His body on his upper limbs caused traction forces on the Pectoralis Major muscles of His chest wall.

11,These traction forces caused His rib cage to be pulled upwards and outwards, in a most unnatural state. His chest wall was permanently in a position of maximal respiratory inspiration. In order to exhale, Jesus was physiologically required to force His body.

12,In order to breathe out, Jesus had to push down on the nails in His feet to raise His body, and allow His rib cage to move downwards and inwards to expire air from His lungs.

13,His lungs were in a resting position of constant maximum inspiration.
Crucifixion is a medical catastrophe.

14,The problem was that Jesus could not easily push down on the nails in His feet because the muscles of His legs, bent at 45 degrees, were extremely fatigued, in severe cramp, and in an anatomically compromised position.

15,Unlike all Hollywood movies about the Crucifixion, the victim was extremely active.
The crucified victim was physiologically forced to move up and down the cross, a distance of about 12 inches, in order to breathe.

16,The process of respiration caused excruciating pain, mixed with the absolute terror of asphyxiation.

17,As the six hours of the Crucifixion wore on, Jesus was less and less able to bear His weight on His legs, as His thigh and calf muscles became increasingly exhausted.
There was increasing dislocation of His wrists, elbows and shoulders, and further elevation of His chest wall, making His breathing more and more difficult
Within minutes of crucifixion Jesus became severely dyspnoeic (short of breath).

18,His movements up and down the Cross to breathe caused excruciating pain in His wrist, His feet, and His dislocated elbows and shoulders.

19,The movements became less frequent as Jesus became increasingly exhausted, but the terror of imminent death by asphyxiation forced Him to continue in His efforts to breathe.

20,Jesus’ lower limb muscles developed excruciating cramp from the effort of pushing down on His legs, to raise His body, so that He could breathe out, in their anatomically compromised position.

21,The pain from His two shattered median nerves in His wrists exploded with every movement.

22,Jesus was covered in blood and sweat.

23,The blood was a result of the Scourging that nearly killed Him, and the sweat as a result of His violent involuntary attempts to effort to expire air from His lungs.
Throughout all this He was completely naked, and the leaders of the Jews, the crowds, and the thieves on both sides of Him were jeering, swearing and laughing at Him.
In addition, Jesus’ own mother was watching.

24,Physiologically, Jesus’ body was undergoing a series of catastrophic and terminal events.

25,Because Jesus could not maintain adequate ventilation of His lungs, He was now in a state of hypoventilation (inadequate ventilation).

26,His blood oxygen level began to fall, and He developed Hypoxia (low blood oxygen).
In addition, because of His restricted respiratory movements, His blood carbon dioxide (CO2) level began to rise, a condition known as Hypercapnia.

27,This rising CO2 level stimulated His heart to beat faster in order to increase the delivery of oxygen, and the removal of CO2

28,The Respiratory Centre in Jesus’ brain sent urgent messages to his lungs to breathe faster, and Jesus began to pant.

29,Jesus’ physiological reflexes demanded that He took deeper breaths, and He involuntarily moved up and down the Cross much faster, despite the excruciating pain.
The agonising movements spontaneously started several times a minute, to the delight of the crowd who jeered Him, the Roman soldiers, and the Sanhedrin.

30,However, due to the nailing of Jesus to the Cross and His increasing exhaustion, He was unable to provide more oxygen to His oxygen starved body.

31,The twin forces of Hypoxia (too little oxygen) and Hypercapnia (too much CO2) caused His heart to beat faster and faster, and Jesus developed Tachycardia.

32,Jesus’ heart beat faster and faster, and His pulse rate was probably about 220 beats/ minute, the maximum normally sustainable.

33,Jesus had drunk nothing for 15 hours, since 6 pm the previous evening.
Jesus had endured a scourging which nearly killed Him.

34,He was bleeding from all over His body following the Scourging, the crown of thorns, the nails in His wrists and feet, and the lacerations following His beatings and falls.

35,Jesus was already very dehydrated, and His blood pressure fell alarmingly.

36,His blood pressure was probably about 80/50.

37,He was in First Degree Shock, with Hypovolaemia (low blood volume), Tachycardia (excessively fast Heart Rate), Tachypnoea (excessively fast Respiratory Rate), and Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

38,By about noon Jesus’ heart probably began to fail.

39,Jesus’ lungs probably began to fill up with Pulmonary Oedema.

40,This only served to exacerbate His breathing, which was already severely compromised.

41,Jesus was in Heart Failure and Respiratory Failure.

42,Jesus said, “I thirst” because His body was crying out for fluids.

43,Jesus was in desperate need of an intravenous infusion of blood and plasma to save His life

44,Jesus could not breathe properly and was slowly suffocating to death.

45,At this stage Jesus probably developed a Haemopericardium.

46,Plasma and blood gathered in the space around His heart, called the Pericardium.

47,This fluid around His heart caused Cardiac Tamponade (fluid around His heart, which prevented Jesus’ heart from beating properly).

48,Because of the increasing physiological demands on Jesus’ heart, and the advanced state of Haemopericardium, Jesus probably eventually sustained Cardiac Rupture. His heart literally burst. This was probably the cause of His death.

49,To slow the process of death the soldiers put a small wooden seat on the Cross, which would allow Jesus the “privilege” of bearing His weight on his sacrum.

50,The effect of this was that it could take up to nine days to die on a Cross.

51,When the Romans wanted to expedite death they would simply break the legs of the victim, causing the victim to suffocate in a matter of minutes. This was called Crucifragrum.

52,At three o’clock in the afternoon Jesus said, “Tetelastai,” meaning, “It is finished.”
At that moment, He gave up His Spirit, and He died.

53,When the soldiers came to Jesus to break His legs, He was already dead. Not a bone of His body was broken, in fulfilment of prophecy (above).

54,Jesus died after six hours of the most excruciating and terrifying torture ever invented.

55,Jesus died so that ordinary people like you and me could go to Heaven.

Brother Ian says: All He Asks You is to Love Him, Your Lord, Your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’!!

Can’t you even do this for Him?

Then ON TOP OF ALL THAT was the grief and anguish of being separated from the Father and left in a state of perceived forsaken-ness, forsaken but not forsaken: when He was “made to be sin for us” He would have lost all consciousness of the Father’s fellowship, and hence the cry and the question, Eli Eli, Lama sabachtani?

Just to think that our Lord went thru all this willingly, and with the power to escape it at any time….. Amazing love, how can it be? That thou my God should die for me!

And then to rise from the dead!

Motive for Texas Missle Explosion? I think so

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My friend, fellow truth seeker, fellow blogger, the Mad Jewess found this bit of information. Please do not come here and leave me any snide remarks. I will not waste my time . You can either believe your government is always to be trusted or not. The choice is yours. It’s obvious what my choice is and I will not spend my time trying to convince you one way or the other. I present information. You decide what you will believe. In the meantime, just know there are hundreds of people who have suffered and are suffering on a much greater scale than those in Boston.

Thank you MJ for letting me link to you.

Before TX Explosion, West Fertilizers Had #Monsanto Lawsuit. Obama Is In #Monsanto’s Pocket

This is not ‘my’ news.. I’m just giving you information as it comes up. What say you ‘liberals’, now?  Anything? Or are you just going to keep covering up for the madman who occupies the White house by fraud and deceit??

Critics slam Obama for “protecting“ Monsanto – CBS News

Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal re. Monsanto Lawsuit. 

Perhaps this will explain a rocket hitting the plant?  Who knows, anymore.  I don’t trust this government.  And, Monsanto is in Obama’s pocket. Or vc. Versa.

Satanists told us years ago Satanism would creep in the church and they were right


I have had this in my draft folder for a couple of years. I wanted to be able to comment on it, bit by bit, but it is much too long.

Bob Larsen — who I’m not fond of at all — interviews Anton Ley Veys daughter and husband. I think he is her husband.

His guests dispel the many myths about Satanism. How many of us have thought Satanism was devil horns and pitchforks? I think people will be surprised to see just how much Satanism has crept into every area of life the past few decades. Even within the Church. Especially within the Church.

I don’t aim to take anything out of context with my commentary. The video is over an hour long and I found it too time consuming to actually try and take on every detail.

“The Christian media is a dying source …”

“You’ve given up your ideals and now joined the devil’s ranks, which is to entertain people.”

Bob Larsen actually laughs?

“You are now part of the media which is something that the fictional character you base your religion on, Jesus Christ, certainly would not have condoned.”

BL blows off Nickolass. But this guy is right.

“What the 90’s is going to see, is a massive rise to Satanism….because what we are seeing now is the death struggle between Judeo-Christian idea and arcytype of the ancient more satanic archytype.”

“Black magic, I would define as the use of will and ritual combined to create change in the world without any restraint on what that change might be. No hypocritical pretendin that we are appealing to a higher force.”

This is witchcraft. The very same thing that false teachers teach today. If you can not see it, it is because you do not want to. The only difference is Satanists do not appeal to the higher force — being God, to a Christian.

“Do whatever you want to do, but accept the consequences that come with it.”

“What is right and wrong? In our case, we are making up our own reality. We decide what’s right and wrong.”

Church, do you see it? How can some of you sit in churches week after week practicing the very same thing this couple reveals as true Satanism??? Look at some of your teachers and tell me they do not practice the same thing!


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