It is sad when any parent loses a child. It is more grievous when one takes their own life into their hands and decides to end it their way. I can not imagine what it must be like to be the loved one of anyone who would do such a thing. Even more sad when it is someone who confesses Christ. I am not being unkind when I say, surely, there are ways that the Church need to prepare for such things, instead of handing people over to mental health facilities? Some people do not like to hear this, but I say it anyway: The day is coming when everyone who confesses Christ will come to a point where they will have to learn to trust in Him and Him alone in everything.

We do not know what kind of youth groups this young man was in — if any. If he were, what kind and who and what was it based on?

Where were the seasoned senior Christians and what were they doing?

“Mental illness” involves torment, does it not?  Jesus came to set us all free from torment. We need to be ready for the thousands who have been in false churches, those who have been in cults, those who have been deceived and manipulated. We need to be ready to know how to reach the captives with the truth that sets free.

Lord, help Your children to be more discerning, walking in the power of your Holy Spirit.  

We can do nothing without You, Lord. Nothing. 

This is all I can say for now.

Pastor Rick and Kay Warren’s youngest son, Matthew, has committed suicide, Saddleback Valley Community Church announced Saturday.

The evangelical megachurch announced the death of the 27-year-old in a statement. He died Friday night.

Described as “an incredibly kind, gentle and compassionate young man whose sweet spirit was encouragement and comfort to many,” the statement said Matthew suffered from mental illness that resulted in deep depression and suicidal thoughts.

“Despite the best healthcare available, this was an illness that was never fully controlled and the emotional pain resulted in his decision to take his life,” the statement said. “We ask everyone to join us in praying for the entire Warren family and that God’s comfort and peace will be with them as they deal with this difficult situation.”

Founded in 1980 by Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church serves the Southern California community with several locations, including one in Lake Forest.

Warren is also known for authoring, “The Purpose Driven Life,” which has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, according to the church’s website.