While the whole nation had it’s eyes on the manhunt in Boston — a manhunt looking for ONE man, a manhunt which civilians were not allowed to leave their houses for hours — a manhunt where civilians had police, soldiers, state troopers going door to door, doing illegal searches — a manhunt that was dumbing down the people and making slaves of it’s citizens — we had this going on in Texas.

Look at the school. If children had been in school, it looks like there would have been no survivers.

Apartments were destroyed.

Homes were destroyed and damaged.

A nursing home felt the effects.

Absolute carnage.

At 6:45, a woman says, “it was a plane.”

If you find cursing — a few four letter word offensive, do not watch. But I find what happened here in Texas much more offensive than some four letter words!

Were there witnesses? You can bet there were. Will they be given time on the air from the media to talk about what they saw and heard? I doubt it. The media will just give us all something else to look at. And we like dumbed down sheeple will have our eyes off the obvious and our eyes focused on the latest smokescreen.

Paul Lannuier: