The day/night these events about Boston began to unfold, I was sitting due to being immobolized with back pain. I listened and watched online live as the media were giving us details. Had I not sat for long, I would not have seen or heard all that I had. I heard things that did not make sense. I heard things that sounded like blatant lies. (I wish now I had taken notes.) Had I not been in chronic pain, I would not have even been giving it a whole lot of thought, being fed the occassional spoonfull of dribble coming from the radio.

We were told, there was a  suspect, then no, there was no suspect. Since then, we have learned that particular suspect was deported, who Michelle Obama went and visited. Go figure. Then we were told about the shoot -out, killing one suspect. Then the next thing you know, Boston is totally shut down, people being told to stay in their homes.

One particular scene I saw on the news I was watching (FOX) showed THE picture of the suspects in baseball caps. I could not believe my ears when the reporter said, “This picture right here, is all the evidence we need.”!!!! REALLY? And this was coming from FOX, the one station that Conservatives/Republicans and even Christians practically worship as truth speakers! Really, I am just suppose to believe whatever is presented before me, because someone says so? I — DO — NOT — THINK — SO!

Do not get me wrong: I am not a fan of any religion — Islam — who wants to murder me or others in the name of their god. They should no more have the right to practice their religion by killing others than one should have if one wanted to murder abortionists in the name of their god

My point is: IF media can use a simple picture to say this is all the evidence you need, then what is to stop them from pointing out anyone they choose, to be an enemy? What if it is a preacher the next time? Or what if it is your neighbor? Or just a blogger? Or even a peace nik or hippie? Or a parent who homeschools? Or even your Pagan or Atheist neighbor? Does it only concern you when it is not one of your own? God forbid such injustice, hypocrisy and sheeple mentality! I am not saying these men are not guilty. I do not know. The so-called evidence just seems odd to me. 

In the meantime as all this was going down, people were being forced out of their homes at gunpoint! All in the name of keeping you safe.

Not only that, but this was going on at the same time and barely did we hear a word about it!


Watertown police chief Edward Deveau said a  resident was checking his boat after the lockdown was lifted Friday evening and  noticed the straps weren’t the way he left them.

He looked in the boat, saw blood and someone  huddled in a corner and quickly called police. The discovery set up the final  confrontation and capture with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Officials used Dumitru Ciuc’s home as a  staging area, taking out the windows and ripping down curtains and window blinds  to monitor the boat.

‘They didn’t say nothing,’ about why they  were there.

‘They just said leave the house and go up the  street.’

While the circumstances clearly led many to  be sympathetic to the needs of the police, now that the manhunt is over, critics  are fearful of the consequences of such cooperation in the future.

The specific concerns stems from the  rejection of the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens from unreasonable  searches and seizures.

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