A few people have sent me a video of a Colonel Potter. I’ve not put them up because there seems to be something not quite right about him. I try not to jump on anybody’s bandwagon — even if what they are saying appeals to my desire of truth. I test everything that comes to me. I may not get it right each and everytime, but I do try and test every thing. If something does not appear to be right, I will not put it up. I have done some research on this man, trying to find what is it that does not ring of truth to me. Yes, he may say some things that make you at first want to hang on to his every word as being the truth. But, there is more to him than he desires to tell us about himself. He appears to be a polygamist. He appears to have his own gospel. He appears to have some roots in Jewish Mysticism/Kabbalah/Occult. I will not go into every detail. You may click on the following links below and judge for yourself.

The one thing I will address is a movie he has made with his name on the closing credits. According to his gospel — Jesus was married and on the night He was arrested, fought with a sword in His hand. This is a FALSE Jesus being set up for Christians to follow. Jesus was not that kind of revolutionist.

Even if this man is speaking some things that appear true to me, I am not interested in anything he has to say. I will not waste my time searching for pearls among a stinking garbage pile.

We have to be careful in the days to come. We must not believe everything that comes to us. That includes myself. You are not obligated to believe everything that comes from me. You must test everything. Even though there may be things I can agree with, does not mean I swallow the whole package. Some people are out to get as many followers as they can, and they do not care how they get them. I’m not one of them. I would much rather people stay away from this place/this blog if they thought I was leading them into a place where God did not want them.

That being said…

His movie is as fake and fraudlent to the real Gospel, as the fake wigs on the heads of the actors.


The links below will give you more inforamtion on who this Colonel Potter is.