Oh, that people would hear and receive the truth!

I recently was witnessing to a loved one. I am not at liberty to discuss the events. But this loved one wanted to see God as a means to an end: follow God and get a car, a home, a job, etc. I told my loved one, that yes, those things may be by products to following God, BUT if it were true in all cases, then it would be true for thousands of believers who right now are suffering for the truth faith. Many are in prison, persecuted, going hungry. I went on to tell her, we follow God for one reason. It is because He is worthy. What if you don’t get that job? Or that fancy house? Are you going to turn your back on Him? God is not a genie in the sky to give us a bunch of goodies. I went on to tell her that we are to count the cost, to pick up our Cross and die.

I went on to tell my loved one if I lived a million years and did everything perfect from here on out, it still would not be good enough. There is only One who walked this earth who was and is good enough, holy, perfect in all His ways, unspotted from the things of the world. That is Jesus Christ. Not only that, but He rose from the dead!

I hope my loved one was able to get the point. I pray many will get the point.