Pat Robertson needs to retire…from being minister, teacher, prophet, preacher. Whatever titles he goes by. He’s been proven an apostate on many levels, now this — horrible marriage counseling to a woman whose husband has cheated on her.

I am dumbfounded by anyone who call themself Christian who gives this man any kind of credibilty.

I’m not a women’s libber, by any means. Yet, it is easy to see this man is such a …. dare I use the word … what the heck, yes, I’ll say it — he is a chauvenist. There were some things to consider here that Robertson overlooked.

“Stop talking about the cheating.”

From the very beginning he assumes instead of taking the time to figure out where the woman is coming from. How does he even know she is talking about it? Some women do not express everything going on in their hearts.

“He cheated on you, well, he’s a man.” That gives me the impression that just because he is a man she should just overlook it.

He goes on to tell her to focus on what is good about her husband in the first place. He even says is he handsome as if that alone is a quality worthy of putting up with in adultery. Does the husband provide food, shelter, etc? A total psycho could offer that much to a woman. Many women have been trapped by feeling completely dependent upon a man to supply her needs, having to take a man’s abuse in order to survive!

Does he take the kids to sporting events. Do you have a happy family? Obviously not, Pat, if the wife has cause to be suspicious of her husband’s activities! “Fall in love with him all over again.” “Reach out and touch him. Touch his face, hold his hand, look in to his eyes. Talk to him…” If the man has not repented, if he is not sorry, what woman in her right man would want to fall in love with that?!

Then he goes off on some vague understanding he has of what the situation was involving a stripper. “Give him honor instead of worrying about it.” I suspect even Robertson thinks his advice is a bunch of bull as his body language, his facial expressions of looking down are a result of either not treating this serious giving it the attention it needs, or he just plain does not believe what he himself is saying.

But here is the clencher: “Also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit.”

SO? And his point is? That it’s the norm and women ought to just suck it up and deal with it? That’s the impression I get. For the record, not ALL males wander. A lot of men are decent who would not even give it a thought. “Like it or not”? Yeah, that pretty much means suck it up, ladies!

“And what you want to do is to make the home so wonderful, that he doesn’t want to wander.”

Oh puleeeease. Tell that to the women who have made their homes an abode for their husbands and their men still are skunks.

Then he goes on to tell her to think of the tempations out there. He ends it with this cute little nothing:

“Thank God you live in America and good things are happening.”

Gee, that ought to make everyone of us just have the warm fuzzies all over. In other words, he is saying, don’t complain.

What a crock. What a complete crock of horse dung.

I have never had to deal with a cheating husband. So, I may not have the right to say what my advice would be to women whose husbands are cheating on them, but I will say what is on my heart: has he shown signs of true sorrow and repentence, brokeness for what he has done — not only before you, but towards God — who he had to hurt first, before he hurt you? Is he the one trying to make amends? And if so, are you able to see it? Can you discern his heart? It is just as important to be aware of true repentence as it is infidility.

If he is showing you true repentence, then meet him there. He will understand that trust is something he will have to re-earn and he should have no problem with that. If he has a problem with it, then too bad for him. As for you, ask God to show you this man through HIS (God’s) eyes. Everything about him. Ask that nothing be unreaveled to you, that God would show you what it is HE wants you to see and know. 

If he has not repented and you have been praying, and he still wants to be a cheating little weasle, then ask God how long you are to put up with it. Let’s face it… for one thing, there are sexual diseases out there now, that no one should have to be subjected to. Even the forgivness of a cheating husband would not allow me to risk getting a sexually transmitted disease. That’s just my opinion.  

Back to Pat Robertson. Still not convinced he’s a chauvenist with narrow minded views of women? Then look at this:

Seems like all the responsibility rests upon the woman who was the victim of adultery. Sorry, but when your spouse or anyone for that matter messes up, it is up to the guilty to gain the trust that was lost.