IF this is all I ever knew or saw about Christianity, I would be an atheist.

I know what reproach is. I am almost certain I have brought reproach to the truth by some emotional outbursts in the past. But what about the following? Does it bring reproach or does it actually cause you to at least desire dialogue, in pursuit of communicating? I have to say for myself, I could not personally sit under this.

This kind of mindset among professed Christians bring reproach to the truth. Why? Because for one thing, it makes us all look like a bunch of kooks. I also, believe they are lying. I do NOT believe the malaraky about the 80 foot demons. I do NOT believe babies are bred and sacrificed on Halloween. I find it very hypocritical that even though one woman admits Christmas is a Pagan holiday, yet she puts up her tree but it’s ok, because golly gee, on hers, she has everything pertaining to Jesus. I guess my tree, with it’s little toys and the few dozen gingerbread men and candy cane ornaments I made, would not be acceptable to her? You can have a tree, just as long as it is decorated with images pertaining to Jesus????

What gives anyone (Christian or not, ESPECIALLY Christian) the right, to go into a place of buisness (in this case a hotel) and tear up property? Even if it is jack-o-lanterns?! How would these people like it if someone came into their place of buisness and destroyed a few things?

We are led to believe because of their persistence, they were able to go to every single buisness — with the exception of a pizza joint, that still “won’t give it up” and remove all Halloween influences.

Yet, they endorse a church who takes the opportunity of that day — Halloween — to have their own type of outreach using scarey tactics of creating a hell with demons to scare people. Then when Jesus walks into the room: “There isn’t a person in that room, that isn’t saved, that doesn’t commit their life to God right there.” Really? Then why not do it every Sunday? Just forget about preaching the Word, the Cross, Repentence. Just make Sunday services one big show. Oooops, unfortunately, that IS what is going on in most churches now days.

Then finally after listening to these two nutty women, the man begins to speak about sowing seed. Same old song of someone trying to get your money. I suppose it would go to this ministry at this point, IF you were somehow blessed by these testimonies. No blessing here. Just two goofy women led by emotion and complete ignorance.